Melissa LaMunyon, LMT, muestra un masaje de espalda para la relajación con una narración suave sobre bienestar y estado de ánimo.
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Con la terapeuta de masaje y la entrenadora de salud holística, Melissa LaMunyon y la modelo, Corrina Rachel.

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Música de iChill Music Factory
Canción: Rainforest Dusk
Álbum: Flotar lejos

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Mick Fitz
3 months ago

Bless you Melissa! Best cure for calmness & sleep! You’re a 🌟 ! From 🇦🇺

3 months ago

a nice juicy massage

3 months ago

Corrina is the world's most massaged human being !

Matt Rader
3 months ago

Melissa and Corrina, it rhymes – it's perfect. You two are just what I need 💞

3 months ago

ready to be eaten

Alicyannah Dulongprey
3 months ago

Honestly who else is here cause they saw corrinas name and knew her from ASMR and was like I'mma watch her relax for a change

Michael H Long
3 months ago

She TALKS too much

3 months ago

남자는 야동용으로 보겠네

3 months ago

How can I get a job in a place sorrounded by hot, hippie new age girls?



Ahmed Kassa
3 months ago

Voix,modèle, massage,tout est envoûtant

Manny M
3 months ago

Daaaaaaaaaamn Corina is looking Fiiiiiiine love it ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ I love ur Videos

Darrell Grant
3 months ago

I would love to get a massage from you guys. I probably couldnt walk for a week

Jason Morgan
3 months ago

her voice is so relaxing

Justin Groves
3 months ago

This might be the most massaged person on earth.

Thomas Harrington
3 months ago

I wish I could go to a masseuse I need to get rid of a lot of stress

3 months ago

Me: Looking through comments to see if this really works
30 mins later
Me: ZZZZzzzz

3 months ago

Vegan seems like a negative thing to me for myself. Each to their own. I'll enjoy that cheeseburger with its friend, pork. I'm happy with it.

Conor Condon
3 months ago

Something very relaxing about this

Helio Bastet
3 months ago

Love the bikini briefs!

Hemond Khavalier
3 months ago

Please…less blah.. blah…blah

Hemond Khavalier
3 months ago

I love how progressively you are going for the skin . Awesome.