Disfruta de este masaje binaural de cabeza y cuero cabelludo ASMR con cabello, cepillado y el suave susurro
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#Terapia de Masajes


Binaural #ASMR #ScalpMassage, #HairBrushing & Whisper Ear to Ear para dormir y relajarse

Disfruta de este masaje binaural de cabeza y cuero cabelludo ASMR con cabello, cepillado y los suaves sonidos Whisper Ear to Ear de Corrina Rachel. ¡Ideal para dormir, relajarse y aliviar el estrés!

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Alucard Symphony

Give me the red-haired girl's Instagram, please

Alex Wright

mmm yeah now smell her a little

Dr. Murlocstien

As beautiful and pretty as your Model is and how wonderfully tingly and soothing the sounds are. I would love to trade places and have that attention done with my hair and scalp… Your model must of been in heaven from all that attention.

The right most two pictures LOOK like they are JUST SLIGHTLY lower then the middle picture……AND ITS REALLY FUCKING WITH MY CHILL!!!!

Malcolm Merlyn

Is that woman real?

Kara Schneider

it’s like this lady can whisper but she can’t

Brandon Hunt

Nice triggers


The redhead is so beautiful, it's almost distracting, ha.

Connor OToole

ur intro legit ripped my ear drums

Jasmine Willi

Isn't the girl losing hair coz of continuous brushing? 🤔

julia j

She reminds me of Wendy from gravity falls

Serena Bierman

Why is it that all your videos the sound has gone quieter but any other YouTube vid is normal sound,

umbralino Trevoso

eu achando que esse vide é de 2019 …


Just like everyone else I love the models hair

Ye Nny

i m dream on u massage my hair.. n im sleeping after see ur video


I watch the strangest things. yet I cant look away. the detail. ^_^

life is a bitch

Wow that girl is like a mermaid!😯
So pretty! Way more beautiful than me…

Brendan Monshall

Pwuah, both these ladies are gorgeous. 👌

i dont know why its feel something horrour😂😂

Gangster girl

Yo!!! anyone here from 2019?😑


The "new videos everyday" sounds like the lady from watchmojo

Rebecca Choy

The small hairbrush ruined the whole video for me, I am so sorry 😞

5:17 somebody ripping a juul in the background

Jay Ocampo

No point to talk . I cannot hear what your saying .. just do it what Want.😪😪😪


Intro: nEw vIdEoS eVeRyDay
Me: aHHH