Un hermoso diario de comida vegana de Boho.
Lo que comemos en un día en las Montañas Rocosas. Todas las recetas son fáciles, saludables y veganas y lo harán.

Nuestra tienda: www.bohobeautiful.life
Nuestro programa basado en plantas: https://bohobeautiful.life/product/detoxify/

Vivir en las montañas nos obliga a encontrar todo lo que podamos para mantenernos calientes y, por supuesto, eso incluye la comida que comemos.

Este video fue patrocinado por Thrive Market para mostrarle lo que cocinamos y comemos en un día normal en las montañas. ¡Thrive Market es una gran nueva tienda en línea que vende los mejores productos orgánicos y saludables a precios al por mayor enviados directamente a su puerta!

La lista detallada de ingredientes y las mediciones de las comidas que hicimos en este video están a continuación.


♥ Panqueques de arándanos y chia ♥



1 taza de harina de espelta
2 cucharadas de semillas de chía
2 cucharadas de semillas de cáñamo
1/2 cucharada de polvo para hornear
1 cucharadita de sal
1 taza de arándanos (frescos o congelados)

1 taza de leche de almendras
1 cucharadita de vinagre de manzana
1 cucharadita de extracto de vainilla
2 cucharadas de jarabe de arce

* Instrucciones de cocina en el video *

♥ Batido de aguacate y espinacas ♥


1 taza de espinacas
1 manzana (en rodajas)
1/2 aguacate
1 taza de leche de almendras
1 cucharada de mantequilla de almendras

Decorar con: semillas de cacao, semillas de cáñamo o moras

♥ Sopa de zanahoria y jengibre ♥


1 cucharada de aceite de oliva virgen extra
1/2 cebolla
2 dientes de ajo
1 cucharada de jengibre fresco (picado)
4 (o más) zanahorias frescas (picadas)
1/2 taza de leche de coco
1.5 tazas de caldo de verduras
1 cucharadita de comino
1 cucharadita de pimienta de cayena

Sirva con pan integral germinado.

* Instrucciones de cocina en el video *

♥ Calabaza de espagueti con salsa de lentejas y tomate ♥


1 calabaza de espagueti entera
1/2 cebolla
3-4 champiñones
1/4 calabacín
1 taza de lentejas
1 taza de espinacas
2 tazas de salsa de tomate
1 cucharadita de cayena
1 cucharadita de albahaca

* Instrucciones de cocina en el video *

¡El frasco GRATUITO de aceite de coco de Thrive Market + 30 días de prueba tiene un valor de $ 17! Hacer clic http://thrv.me/BohoBeautiful-coconutoil y paga solo $ 1.95 de envío.


Todo el contenido de nuestro canal está sujeto a derechos de autor u otra propiedad de propiedad intelectual de Boho Beautiful Ltd. Las ideas, ejercicios, recetas y otras opiniones expresadas aquí reflejan nuestras experiencias y opiniones y no pretenden ser, ni reemplazar, consejos médicos. No nos consideramos dietistas, nutricionistas o profesionales médicos. Consulte a su médico antes de comenzar cualquier programa de dieta o ejercicio, especialmente si está amamantando o está embarazada. Al usar nuestro sitio, usted comprende y acepta que ni Boho Beautiful Ltd. ni ninguna persona asociada con él tienen ninguna responsabilidad ante usted por cualquier lesión o pérdida que pueda sufrir en relación con cualquier contenido que publiquemos.


Gorjeo- https://twitter.com/boho_beautiful
Instagram- http://instagram.com/bohobeautifullife
Facebook- http://facebook.com/bohobeautifullife

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Kate Bender

Going to Whole Foods Market in Pittsburgh tomorrow! you guys have totally opened my eyes about what I'm putting in my body!

Ed will

I bet these two chow big fat fillet steaks off camera!

Elizabeth Hoberg

Boil the squash for 20 minutes and then bake

Cecily Fu

would you come to China and shoot a video here? 🙂 Would love to know what you will eat in China 🙂

Sparkling Fay

So, I finally tried out the spaghetti squash with your sauce. I made it with zucchini (yellow ball zucchini) and also added some thyme. It turned out super 😋😋😋 yummy, although my belly didn't really like it.. 🎈 While cooking I also made your smoothie which I totally loved. Thanks for the recipes again! ❤️

Mariyana Zhelyazkova

doesn't the pancakes get a bit sticky and stay raw on the inside being that thick?

varsha soni

You're hasbund are very cute

Sparkling Fay

Thanks for sharing your great recipes! It was funny for me to watch how you make your soup cause that's quite exactly how I do my veggies soups. I do lots of variations with only zucchini, pumpkin, cauliflower, turnip cabbage or broccoli, sometimes a mixture of it. I totally love your tomato lentil sauce for the spaghetti squash. The spaghetti squash itself I'm making in a pot with a steamer basket which saves lots of time. 😉


Is that a Rage Against the Machine shirt I see? AHHHH <3 <3 <3

jenna niskanen

Thanks so much for sharing these recipes!!! I can't wait to try them 🙂

e thot


just kidding i wouldnt hurt anyone ;c

빅키샘Miss Vicky

This is amazing. I am going to order your food guide book soon. Thank you ♡ You guys are so beautiful.

cvin C

I love you both. You two are such couple goals❤

Debbie Riley

Try replacing Spelt Flour with Chestnut Flour. Its Gluten Free and has a natural sweetness – if you haven't tried this already 😄

Valentin Sarbu

thank you NAMASTE

Shauna Carpenter

Roasted squash seeds are great, too 😉

Jelena Tintor


Justine Taylor

I love this soup , just sent hubby to town for the ginger..oops forgot it

Zahra B

thanks alot , but a little complaint, please remove the background music, it is kind of hursh and bothering and doesn't let to hear what are you saying… thanks again…

cátia Silene fortes

I love you guys, both are amazing and you are expiration people be happy in their life. Good best you.🤗

true sirenidie

Yum..Thank you for all the guidance & Inspiration. 1st?= How did you publish your book ? 2nd?= What's your veiw & practice on zero waste? I've been doing the bulk buy own jars & bags. however I like the mission & cost effective approach with Thrive. & the rawness that you two express as a partnership. .this day in age the awakening healing jounrey is lonely consious lifestyle plant based now over 5yrs feeling deeper sensetive to the shifts & allowing reconnection of inner Being Gaia with our selves in purpose & authenticity as abundance. Its not always highs even… Read more »

maria G

I love being vegan but just take your B12 – very important! The b12 supplements are vegan, made from bacteria. We don’t get enough because we scrub all the bacteria away these days ( they used to get it from dirt on the veggies etc). It can really cause major problems with your health if you don’t get enough b12 and not all vegans take this seriously. Oh and omega 3 also! From ground flaxseeds!

Jeannie Baker

It all looks amazing!!!


YAY GO THRIVE!! 😃 I am forever singing their praises an have been for years!


Hahaha you guys are so cute and funny