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Chandamalla Jyothika
3 months ago


3 months ago

I didn't have a lot of time today so this was perfect! I did two rounds.

3 months ago

Can you tell us about your meals Kelli?

Nik land
3 months ago

Im not sure how the first 2 exercises can be done with dumb bells.

3 months ago

Amazing …

3 months ago

Try this one with a mini/booty band on 🔥 and thank me later!

Ms. Emily’s Yoga & Mindfulness

Thanks that was great! Sometimes this is all you need!

Igor Stojcevski
3 months ago

I have spent months investigating simplest reducing losing weight quickly and found a fantastic website at Bell Train Blueprint (check it out on google)

Rosay Rich
3 months ago

does this help grow the booty? Mine is already perfectly round, I just want it a bit bigger!

Garlic Girl
3 months ago

I added it on to another 20 minute KB workout! I love it! WOOO HOO!

3 months ago

3 sets of these 🙂

3 months ago

I want her body* perfection

3 months ago

Nice workout. -Nyke

3 months ago

Love the shoes.. 

Maggie Lu
3 months ago

Have been doing this daily in addition to your other workouts! Wow, my glutes are burning! Love all the videos! Great for beginners to kettlebells like me! 

Neo Antonia
3 months ago

Butt off bed, I am doing this now!

3 months ago

Sorry if you've answered already but what weight is the kettlebell?

paul cesanne
3 months ago

I very much prefer kelli narating

Samantha Brown
3 months ago

Great workout! Can you please do a longer version?

Becca Smith
3 months ago

I love when she gets out of breath or when you can tell she's ready to be done with a set… it reminds us she's human-but then she doesn't quit. Kelli is amazing and hugely inspirational!!

3 months ago

Thanks so much Kelly. I've been waiting for a KB workout.

Maria V
3 months ago

Kelli, a kettlebell and butt and thigh exercises are a great combo. So i love to see more of these throughout the year.  love this .

Roberto Fernandez
3 months ago

what timer app do you guys use?

Melanie han
3 months ago

Can you please make a 100 calorie burn workout??:)

Serina Rajagukguk
3 months ago

The clean and press after shoulder day is gonna be ouchy 🙂 But I'm doing this today as a part of my leg day. Thanks!

Gina 🌺
3 months ago

Can you do more of these? ♥♥♥

Erica Medsker
3 months ago

I just bought a kettlebell and your videos have been so helpful to me! Thanks! :]

3 months ago

Kelli you look so pretty! I want your abdomen! Lol that sounded weird sorry. 🙂

3 months ago

I can't believe I used to do this for 50 minutes straight

3 months ago

Gonna try this one after the gym at home!