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Siddharth Magotra

How many calories does this workout really burn? Please help.

Jiing Der

6 minutes into the exercise and I could feel the aura of Buddha embracing me. So I would either die to Covid or this exercise when grounded at home.

Dani Renee

Another great workout! Keep them coming

Warner Paau

"and let it relax" whole body collapses on the floor and dies, goes to heaven


mountain climbers nearly murdered me, i'm filing a police report

Sam Batchelor

holy ** this is a tough one! I want to be able to do this without stopping! #Goals

Alex Chapman

Anyone else doing it on a regular basis?

Jo Yogini

Good one! I use this for Spartan race prep! 🙌


Truly killer workout! Bravo!

Emily White

I found this routine last night in bed as I was searching through Fitness Blender videos so I knew what I was going to be doing this morning….thought it seemed like an amazing challenge! Knew it was going to be hard but pushing yourself and the feeling at the end is unbeatable! But anyway reading through it I had thought it was going to be 50 burpees, then 40, then 30 etc. rather than seconds so I was actually so relieved and ending up loving this so much more than I thought I would. Honestly love the range of videos… Read more »

NIO Electric Vehicles

this looks really uncomfortable

Steve Bot

"Recalls story to friends, family and countrymen" It was with this exercise that I attained super saiyan and beyond!


time moves differently when doing mountain climbers I swear

Anastasia Mikhailov

Joooj majku tii


This workout is great! I love the different variety of HIIT, it kept me from getting bored!

Olivia's Catastrophe

Nothing left to give is certainly right. I gave it ALL this workout and it was wonderfully brutal. Loved it and saving it on my faves workout list!

Jeremiah Mote

I have at least done this imparticular workout 20 times this year😂

Taylor Hawks

kicks my butt every time!!!

Matthew Doe

Hey Ventura?? Yes Satan?? Oh im sorry you sounded like someone else😂😂😂😂

Greg 6point7

I Do this video once a week, never gets easier

Aaron Gevero

thanks for this workout

Lucy Bryson

2019: this video still makes me swear and nearly die. High knees are my nemesis. I need to keep doing this video even though thh middle section is hideous and just when you think the worst is over Daniel hits us with that last leg-killing exercise

niyaolivia !

Excelente stuff

Lil Kris Design

Mountain climbers is a bitch


nice training ….if you are pus sy…


Commenting on YouTube is possible from the afterlife. Who knew?!

Ana G

This is perfect for those days when you don’t have much time but still want to work out hard. You’re dead in 30 minutes!

Anjie Yang

me, after i finished the burpees: "yes! the hardest part is over!"
daniel: "all right now we get a new torture"
me: "wait no i"

LOL, love you guys! thank you for the sweaty, painful workout


All my favorites. Sweaty! Great!

Alexandra Devetzi

Super! But.. It would be useful to emphasize that is about very very well trained people.

Gregory Sans

Great workout. Definitely shaky afterwards. Ending with the jump knee touches was just brutal. I like the no music no bs just get it done videos. Great job.

Shamar Phillips

LMAO! This is my boy! I know he has to be crying laughing at these comments man😂😂😂

bafo do Roulf feliz

Workout complete wowowow