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Finalmente logramos salir de las concurridas calles de Ubud y encontramos nuestra pequeña casa temporal en una hermosa isla llamada Gili Air. Este lugar es mágico, la gente es maravillosa, nunca queremos irnos.

Hemos salvado / patrocinado a un gatito moribundo, empapado en agua salada del océano, hicimos hermosas conexiones con la gente, impartimos clases de yoga en la playa a nuevos amigos y nos sentimos como parte de una nueva familia durante una semana.

La vida es una hermosa aventura.

Si está interesado en unirse al Equipo de Conservación de Tiburones Gili, visite su sitio web:

Si alguna vez estás en Gili Air, asegúrate de alojarte en Villa Nangka:

Si te gusta probar el ala secundaria como Mark lo está haciendo al comienzo del video, mira este enlace a continuación:


Amor y luz,

Juliana y Mark

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rebekka mauer

Wow this is insane, my partner and me actually had the exact same experience on gili Air, we found a kitten and searched for a new owner… 🙂

garbree loytre

Thank you I am grateful to follow both journeys, we are all on a different journey and yours is wonderful colorful refreshing and simple thank you

John Kelly

Hey guys, so happy to have found you. Amazing that you came into my life today. Thank you.

Maria Butler

I accidentally came by your diaries recently starting off with your Pilates. I really connected to both you and Mark on so many levels…its crazy!!!! Mark, your ability to allow yourself to be vulnerable and be open to allow people to connect with you is truly inspiring. Julie – Ann, when doing Pilates with you in the comfort of my own home, i feel like it's literally 1 on 1, like you are taking to me and encouraging me. Sending love and peace out to whoever is watching.What an amazing gift to give people. I cried yesterday after coming upon… Read more »

Malena Pedersen

Love this.💕

This is your Journey that you share and this is what some of us are ready for and some of us are not. We understand it because we are heading or are on the same journey as you. They will find their path they just are not ready to hear it yet. I love you guys xo From a fellow Canadian on a journey for the last few years.


Only time I have to leave your channel is when my wife walks in the room.

Rebecca Hamby

I know this video is old but these diary videos have been exactly what my life as needed at this point. You both have opened my eyes and truly made me change the way I am living my life. I love your channel and everything it stands for.

Zsuzsanna Agocs

So shocked to hear that you lose subscribers due to your diary videos. I think you are amazing guys. I love that you show so much compassion and have such love for life. Please don’t stop filming and sharing your experiences. ❤️❤️

I'm new I this channel, and I'm already fell in love of both of you, thanks to give me the inspiration and your yoga workouts are really great! I hope to be a member soon, but I just want to say thank you, both of you are incredible

Social Decay

Well I love your vids and I love your stories and hearing aboythouyou put it all together and your journey, when you have the balls to risk and make big changes is when big things happen. Becoming stale is death already. Love is the answer to it all. Thanks for being brave and thanks for sharing. Namaste

Mama Boone

I just found your videos and website! I am so thankful! Love your video diaries! Thank you for sharing your story – it resonates with me 100%

Annie Martin

This video really struck a cord, you are so right when you said that "we live in a magical time where everything is at our fingertips….and to take advantage of every minute of every day." We unfortunately don't and I admire you guys so much for becoming nomads and exploring what this beautiful earth has to offer. So what if people are leaving your channel, to me, that's a sign that they are not ready emotionally and spiritually. Fellow Canadians, I wish you the best in your travels and look forward to more! xox


"I am going to speak from my heart for a change"

Why did I feel that in my heart?



maria G

Does he spay and neuter the cats? Of course there’s not always a lot of awareness in certain countries about the importance of neutering animals. I’m kind of hoping you discussed that with him. Thanks.

Matt Bowers

It's so amazing and beautiful what you have brought to life here. I used to watch your videos occasionally just for a different perspective on the yoga itself. I felt compelled and drawn to show my support when on a more recent occasion you were losing subscribers for that wonderful yet sad video of the stray dogs. Though there were many other experiences happening in my life that have been affecting my life, my journey, it was so amazing how you guys then entered my life. As I said in that comment, I would probably start watching your videos more.… Read more »

I can’t imagine how you could lose subscribers after such material 🤷🏼‍♀️ it’s the best, kindest and most vulnerable videos here on YouTube. Thank you for showing and sharing. 🤗
Send you all ❤️

I love everything about your channel and you both continue to inspire me everyday. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me live a better life everyday. I found your channel four years ago and it is you that helped me get back into yoga and being kind and conscious. Julianna: you are beautiful, a great teacher and mentor, thoughtful, kind and an inspiration. Mark : you are also kind, thoughtful, inspiring and a great camera man. I hope to meet you both in the future. I come from upstate NY right across the border of… Read more »

Michaela Říhová

I think you make a huge difference in world – not only with diaries, but with yoga as well. You teach people how to open up. And I thank you for that. <3 I wish you the best.

Sarah Farrell

Your diaries are my favorite videos, I love hearing about your adventures!!


I love your videos guys!🙏🏽

Renata Gabb

Guys, you are my inspiration. Thank you sooo much for all that you are doing! I am in love especially with the videos like this one because they touches my heart and I am beginning to understand what really makes me feel happy in this life and what kind of person I want to be. Sending to you great appreciation and love ❤️

Jennifer Himmelblau

Oh wow! I love both of you so much. You are so specially, inspiering, insideout beautiful, … just wonderful for me. Namaste 💙

Eric&Stormy Wilson

love you guys. I'm a late subscriber but my favorite part of this channel is the diary 🙂

Soul -ly

I have started my journey with u guys to get better in life . U guys are real and u should keep it real that’s what makes u so awesome.

Karma The Giant

That is so interesting that people leave due to these diaries. I think it is beautiful that you can share your thoughts while traveling the earth 🌍 I feel like I am there with you. I think You might be right about people leaving the channel because they see you two doing things that maybe they wish they could’ve done and that might make them sad. Who knows. I can understand that. Certainly when I watch your channel and other travel channels I wish I could have done what you’re doing when I was younger. However I enjoy watching the… Read more »

annyeong game


Virginia Rosa

Interesting 🤔, for me was opposite. I knew your channel trough Yoga videos. I saved some and used for exercise without subscribing. But then one day I watched one of your diaries and loved it so much that the first thing I did after watch the second one was subscribing. Thank you so much for the amazing content and for being outstanding human beings! ❤️Aloha❤️

Petya Tretyakova

Your words are so powerful! Thank you for every single diary upload, guys! I discovered that i actually need my daily dose of your wisdom, as much as I need water on hourly basis :)) i cant forget to do yoga or meditation with you, because my mind has began craving the peace and satisfaction of it. And i cant ignore none of your diaries ep because i have never seen anythin so true and deep and necessary for my mental well-being. You bring light to my day and i wish i could express it with more than a mere… Read more »

Beauty Brew Soap Co.

Keep going! I just found your channel last week. I woke up wanting to do yoga, found your channel and bought your book. My husband and I too are a power couple and have these same aspirations! I started my business 3 years ago and at times I wake up thinking, ‘what am I doing?’ But keep going, keep pushing, stay open… you don’t know who you’re reaching! That’s another reason why you have each other. Obviously, I don’t have thousands of followers yet, but I do know your followers will come and go, but your true audience will shine… Read more »

Jenn Hall

You both are very beautiful people…. thank you for inspiring me! <3

Christy Myers

I really appreciate the authentic musings of your life and how being in all of these places is helping you to grow spiritually. Thank you for keeping it REAL and dont worry about the rest…you guys are inspiring! xo

Geneviève Filteau

Please do keep making these videos… you are models that help all of us shape a new way of living… a kinder, more fulfilling life. When I listen and watch these videos, I am reminded that it is ok to who we are in all our complexity. Never knew you were from Toronto… I am from Montreal. Just so grateful I have found these videos… This is what I need more in my life. Thank you for showing me a new way of living! xo

Yesong Ahn

You guys bring such light and love like you cannot imagine. Your thoughts, passions and vulnerability all integrate themselves out into a beautiful tapestry. Thank you for being brave enough to take on the challenge of being the change that you wish to see in this world. Thank you… from the bottom part of my heart.

Magaly Radoux

I absolutely love your channel! It nourishes my heart for a beautiful day. You guys have beautiful souls, please keep on doing what you do, nd dont care about people who looks for another content. 🙏 i love your love for animals!