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Chansi Long

I added this to a core yoga. This really got me sweating!

Chansi Long

This was brutal. Loved it

Jackie N.

This was so quick, yet sooo good. Thank you so much for this

Angie Schneider


Nida Kazi

1st Workout Completed : 8th July, 4 25 pm ✔️
Honestly I loved this so much!
2nd Workout Completed : 20th July, 4 18 pm ✔️


perfect before upper body!! Definitely a keeper!


ten minutes and sweat like crazy..

Angie Schneider


Olivia's Catastrophe

Was really feeling it by that last abs based exercise! Thanks for the workout 😇

Rachel Hough

That was so brutal. I’m one of those people that looked at this video and said “easy peasy” and then cried. Don’t let the length deceive you, this is tough (but in a very rewarding way).

Angie Schneider



07/04/17 🙂

Kathleen Lyon


Angie Schneider



Leg drops had me in tears, literally. Workout complete 01.05.2017 – 5.04am


Done! 🙂

gruszka 98

I did this…. i have to say that my condition is very very bad

Tia Wats

This workout is so fun! I love it! 😀

Jailyn B

I feel great after 1 workout

Jessica Cardoso

is it effective to do JUST this routine as a workout once a day 4 times a week or is it fruitless without some of other workout? i don't have a lot of time, but the cardio here seems great and i like the abs bit. is it unrealistic, though, for me to expect results working out only ten minutes a day like this?

Reilly Wiggins

These videos are so great but they just need some music in the background to be perfect! 👌🏾


My abs are burning But this was a Great workout. You guys are amazing since the beggining. I've watched older and recent videos and I love both of them. Of course the more recent ones have higher tech and show a lot of improvement of yours But you guys work so hard for us and I'm Really happy for it. Good job guys. Keep it up 😉

Belen Buenas

Loved the workouts I have 10 years that I haven't worked out and I am excited to start working out with your videos hopefully getting my body back to being fit thanks for these videos


Great workout 😀


Burn burn burn
I didi this workout twice with walking 30 min i need to do cool down and my workout will be complate 🙂 ~~~

Boyana S

astonishing work of art! thanks for the sweat =) 😀


You have a lovely look here )

Ms A

How long doing all of the exercises would get me to lose weight


This one was perfect to throw in before a longer upper body workout in order to squeeze in a little cardio for the day. It flew by!

Elena Bobko


Попрыгунчик с хай-киками — комбинация упражнений быстро разогреет тело, задействовав сразу ноги, спину и руки.

Шагающая планка — динамичный вариант классической планки.

Скрещивания ног с выпрыгиванием из положения упор присев (бёрпи) — комплексное упражнение для всего тела и координации.

Русский твист — упражнение для проработки косых мышц живота.

Подъёмы туловища с поочерёдным опусканием ног — глубокая проработка нижнего пресса и бёдер. По возможности старайтесь дотянуться до носков.



Sara Mariani

Can i do this work out during the day of rest ? @fitnesblender


That last exercise killed me

Ollie Anntan

My abs are burning!


Workout complete!!!! Since starting fitnessblender a few weeks ago, I've lost almost Fifteen pounds. From 245 to 232!!! Thank you fitnessblender!!!