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Liota Rose

im i the only weirdo that loves burpees

Lanshay Hull


Kristine Chapdelaine

2020 and its still good

eric barajas

put some background music

Yuliee Arias

Hope to one day smile s hard as Kelly does when she’s catching her breath 😳


This one

Jennifer Bond

This looks great! I love getting my strength and cardio done in one! Ive read that cardio should not be done w strength and should be done after weights to avoid lessening your gains. What is FB thoughts or anyone in the community. Thanks all!

Emma YU

Which vedio is helping to lose weight and also save your knee🤣🤣

Samantha Bednar

The ONLY complaint I have about this workout is the deadlift-fly. Since I have to lift so light for the fly it gives the deadlift no benefit (because normally I’d lift much much heavier for that), so I just did both exercises separately with the right weights for each.

Angelique Cespedes

dis strength trainin?

Tamara Torres

The burpees were hard since I’m in gym floor and I need new shoes. 😭😭😭 I sound like I’m coughing up a lung and she’s smiling. She’s good! Thank you Kelly for accompanying me when I’m working out alone!

Perfect workout 💙

Nia Johnson

Please tell me where I can find these weights

Choice Damiso

I cannot express my gratitude enough to FB. Before I discovered them I used to have an expensive gym subscription, spend 30 minutes driving to the gym and 30 minutes driving back home after waiting my turn for limited time on the exercise equipment. With FB I get an effective workout:
at my convenience
Free of charge
For 30 minutes
I get professional instructions
I do it at my place
I don't have to get bored with doing the same thing everyday
No body shaming
Encouragement galore!

vijisha vijayan

Hi I have been doing ur workout since long time. I remember the very first video I had downloaded. I thought you are robot. And today I can complete workouts along with you. My body has changed a lot since then and all thanks to you Kelli and Daniel.

La Rosa Savage

Awwe music???

ScottCasey McCollum

wahoo it's finished!

Stephen TagubA

I've done this workout many times in the past but today, I felt a bit weary with the 4 times hiit format so I've rearranged this workout into ABCC to split the hiit portion. This worked really well and I felt good at the end!

Still the best of workouts uncomplicated, dstraighforward with clear objectives but still gives a great workout!!


Lol the random meow 😂 when I heard it I looked around the room … I don't even have a cat.. Kelli was just like, there's a cat lol!! This was a GREAT workout. Always satisfied with any workout from FB.

Angie Schneider



Can you do glute workout? All angles

IhatePhysical Z

I been doing this workout for almost 3 weeks not everyday but I seen some changes I finally have muscles on my arm!

Emma Irwin

Just to make this workout a little bit harder (as if it needed that haha) I got hiccups as soon as I started doing jump squats. My legs and lungs are absolutely destroyed haha. Great workout and a great start to my Tuesday !!

Angie Schneider


Wendy n

I love working out with you Kelli. You are bad ass!!

Elif Erdoğan

Süpersin Kelly…

Delisha Pinto

I did everything except the last 2 rounds of jump squats. And I could keep up with Kelly. Working out with you I have started to be quick and light on my feet for burpees and jump squats… Love your workouts. Thank you!

Gayle M.

Did it! Burpees was a challenge 😲