Este flujo de yoga de 15 minutos despertará cada músculo de tu cuerpo y te ayudará a lograr una mañana perfecta. Una clase de yoga intermedia que se enfocará en fortalecer el núcleo, las piernas y ayudarlo a ganar flexibilidad al conectar el movimiento y la respiración a través de cada postura. Esta clase basada en yoga vinyasa al amanecer hará que la sangre se mueva y la energía fluya a través de su mente y cuerpo, lo que la convierte en la práctica de yoga energizante perfecta para la mañana.

Esta clase es excelente para comenzar tu día a primera hora de la mañana cuando te levantas, o en cualquier momento cuando buscas un flujo de yoga energizante.

Toma tu alfombra y únete a nosotros en el hermoso Parque Nacional Joshua Tree. xo

-Juliana y Mark


Boho Beautiful es un canal de estilo de vida de yoga de viaje que está creando contenido positivo para su cuerpo, mente y la tierra. ¡Yoga, Wanderlust, Fitness, comida vegana, vida consciente y meditación!

¡Muchas gracias por mirar y suscribirse a nuestro canal!
¡Vamos a conectarnos!

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I’ve always loved this particular flow: it’s helped me strengthen the muscles that need it. However, I and my physical therapist have noticed that my right side of my body is weaker than my left. I need to correct this imbalance, is there anything you would recommend?



Jacqueline Van Bierk

Awesome flow. Thank you so much. Thank you.

Michał Muraszko

Namaste, thank You for this wonderfool Time, after this session I am Ready for this Day … best regards

Veroni Ka

Gosh I love your videos 🥰



me mo

Thank you for making my life more beautiful ! <3 <3

Katie Sisco

What yoga mat do you use?

Taylor Martin

I do your yoga videos every morning and this morning I slept in later than usual. This was the perfect way to still get my yoga in, wake up my body, and start my morning right. Thank you for constantly inspiring me to eat better, be more mindful, and move my body <3

Alesya umatkulova



My Yoga Diary

200110 9:40 (incomplete in many poses)

Kirsten Scheffel

Thank you for being here and give me a perfect morning flow. I really like your style and videos. Sending love to you from the Netherlands. Keep going, you're making people happy

The best i love♥

Giovanna Parrinello

Amazing flow. I loved it, it gave me lot of energy❤️😍 I just wanted to ask you why everytime I do shavasana I have lot of pain in my lower back and can't do it, I have to bend my legs. What would you advice me to do?

Hey, Boho, I love you. Thank you.

Karisa Smedley

Love this so much!! Perfect morning flow❤️

shohreh saeedibagha

Amazing 🌷🌷🌷thank you soooo much ❤️❤️

Bhati Shanti Ahimsa

Incredible video! Shine your light on the world!

Anh Tran

namaste! i fell multiple times but YOLO

melissa A

Great class!… Thank you for sharing your knowledge!… Namasté ✨

dub marine

This class is amazing !!! Thank you so much ! 🍀❤️

Sakeer Hussain

Super 😍🙏

Daniela Klein

Love this flow Juliana! Have beeb doing it every mornig that I dont have tine for a full blown session, and its sooooo nice. Thank you 💗

barbara wodzinska

All of your practice are fantastic I love them. Thank you I am really greatfull for your time.

Meghan McHugh

Every time I do this yoga video I love it more and more! All of my favorite morning stretches are in this video, amazing!

Thanks Aging

Thank you

Come Unbox With Me

Huge thumbs up for this practice! Thank you for such an amazing flow! I never felt so energized and happy in the morning before! Just what I needed all along!

Rose Ladd

👃💕👋Beautiful flow, love the practice


loved it!!

Franzi S

Thänk you dir that beautiful practice ♥️🌞

Mindful Michaela

Still one of my favorite morning routines, I always come back for it. It's amazing to see how you've grown as a teacher and inspiring for me as a new teacher myself (:


Thank you for a wonderful start of the day, I love this morning yoga video.

Chad Tabary

Awesome flow!

Lynda Sanchez

Thank you for sharing such great practice with us! I love the energy and guidance from your voice 😊 it was wonderful!

Lemon Hearts

You are amazing!

Taszka Lico

Brilliant ❤️