Elimine el estrés con esta rutina de estiramiento para relajarse, ideal para la hora de acostarse o en cualquier momento que necesite desconectar la mente y el cuerpo.
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Esta rutina de estiramiento reducirá el estrés y la tensión muscular, ideal para acostarse o después de un largo día estresante. Esta rutina también funciona como un enfriamiento después de tus entrenamientos o clase de barra.

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Thanks Kristin for the helpful video 🙂

Mindy Hancock

Thank you so much this really help me out


12:45 the "malasana" she is talking about literally means pooping pose. As you may have easily figured yourself shortly afterwards.

Sir Tootiemus

13:00 thank me later

Wendy Zhao

Resistance exercise and massage: https://amzn.to/2KZt7kI


Thank you for sharing:)


Even though I am a man, I dress myself in tights and leotard and follow along!

DReaM ForeveR

Thank you ☺️

Neo Drum



Thank you, for this great cool down session. My body feels quite relaxed.

Turin Turambar

That cross legged position is sometimes very awkward for us guys with long penises. It gets bunched up and sometimes pressed uncomfortably between our heels. Strapping them to our legs doesn't always work.

a kont

13:44 is very good position in Yoga.

a kont

The thing with yoga is that it is very relaxing with your hard…abbs…!


Hell yeah

danish dani

whata beautiful your flower body cute look and all is killer
you are pretty

They should really do this naked,sometimes


Damn she's fine

علاوي الكنك

موو مره تكتل
هاي تخليك تشتغل للصبح

Alexander Nieves


Vivo Sem Like

que branquinha gostosa ♥

Alpha Wizard

She has beautiful eyes


Need coffee

She is in leggings….boring

cleaning star

im scared to stretch my vagina that much meghan why arent u?


Great HD cam



Eudes Silva



I don't do ballet but i workout 4 times a week and was looking for something to do in the evening to relax my body. Can't do all exactly (im just not that flexible) but still a good routine. Thanks for sharing

Salih selçuk



Great excercise 😍

Terry Clatterbuck

Love the view of your sweetness

Foxy Fitness

So stretchy! I forget how amazing it is to stretch those joints out. I just posted some hip opening stretches. If you lift like me and you don’t stretch, well… you should. 😫

rob manning

she is hot

José Nascim

Your voice is very pretty.

Do you sing?

Abu Hamza al Aspaniya

9:35))))If you want a real baby, come to Germany.))))

Faptastic Fanatic

4:13 is the definition of love, life and yoga !

nouf veldon

More Kristin please! She is absolutely amazing!

Duke of Norfolk

Thank you Miss Kristin! You are a beautiful athlete with a beautiful, beautiful speaking voice! You are a wonderful and talented lady!❤️

Hal Mintel Jr

I love her

Cristiano Suzuki

te comeram quando guria

best video ever kristin is a babe to

Cole Nalle

I guarantee that Kristin is a very loving hot girl and I know she's very sweet too also and I love you Sweetie Pie. 😍😍😍😍😊😘😙😙😙😙😚❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘

Cole Nalle

I love Kristin and she's mine and everyone else's favorite too and I guarantee that everyone loves her. 😍😍😍😍😊❤❤❤❤❤❤❤💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

Christopher OLoughlin

Just a heads up: no picture only audio, from about 15 minutes onwards. It's on your end b/c I do see your channel logo in lower right

My Tuber

Like a flower that is visited by a beetle.

max hmaiyed


piter jhon

Vc sabe do que estou falando quantas calcinhas fedidas vc já tirou buceta fede bacalhau por isso gosto desse peixe

Wellness Hero

Gratitude for creating this and sharing!!!

Some random Guy

I love the leotard

piter jhon

Oi gata adoro ver vc eu adoro calcinha com cheiro fedido de buceta e essa sua não é diferente deve está com cebola e fedendo