Un entrenamiento de 10 minutos diseñado para tonificar tus abdominales y glúteos y hacer que tu bikini se vea lo mejor posible. – Disparo en Cap Estate, Santa Lucía.

¿Alguna vez te has preguntado … "¿Cómo pierdo mis asas de amor?" "¿Cómo obtengo un estómago tonificado para el verano?" o "¿Cómo conseguir un trasero alegre?" bueno, estos ejercicios van a ser tus respuestas! El secreto para un cuerpo de bikini perfecto radica en apuntar a los lugares más difíciles. Disculpe la franqueza, pero esos son su trasero y sus abdominales … ja … su botín y su paquete de seis! Lo mejor es que este tipo de ejercicios también se ocupan de la parte superior de tu muffin de sección media. No hay vergüenza en querer que tu cuerpo de bikini se vea sexy como el infierno, puedes convertirte en el rudo vagabundo de playa que sueñas si entrenas duro y te dedicas.

¡Pero recuerda!
Si desea resultados, debe aplicar dos reglas y cumplirlas:
Tienes que trabajar duro y comer limpio.

Como una dieta basada en plantas (sí, soy una chica vegana de fitness) que ayuda mucho y lo recomiendo encarecidamente. Pero el trabajo duro proviene de cada uno de nosotros … ¡tienes que comprometerte todos los días con la idea de prepararte el bikini!

Disfruta y presiona,

Disparo en la Villa Xanadu en Cap Estate, Santa Lucía.

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Shot In Beautiful Santa Lucía

Canción: Parametaphoriquement ft. Morusque
Artista: GMZ

Producción de video: Mark Spicoluk.

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Boho Beautiful

Remember, when the muscle burns that means its working 😉 Thank you for all the amazing support and love. You are the reason for everything we create here.
Stay connected with us and check out our DVD program http://www.bohobeautiful.life.

Love and Light*

Juliana and Mark

Courtney Rangel

Boho has me fascinated with how yoga can also be great fitness, as well as relaxation and mindfulness. Love boho! Thank you boho beautiful!

Marlon marlon

Que mulher gata

Lemon Hearts


Long Van Dinh

Yêu ne

077 Di

Warning: not for begginers

Kierstin Van Der Jagt


Almas Afridi

I m enjoying this soreness in butts😸

Ksenia K

Спасибо за красивые пейзажи и крутую и продуктивную йогу, благодаря этим видео я начала заниматься йогой дома, очень вдохновляет )))) спасибо

simii Narayan

Wow u r so flexible.. U jus swiftly move from one pose to another like an elastic like u r born for it

Maria louisiana

Nice haircut;)

Camryn Cook

you remind me of cameron diaz!! also i just discovered your channel and i'm so glad i did! ty for these workouts…i'm gonna look poppin ♡

Jane Gorokhovsky

Thank you so much for your videos! You are such an inspiration!

alyson Maxwell

I can always count on you to give me a quick intense workout with a great view 😉


Love it ♡♡♡


Do you have better results with yoga or pilates ? I never know wich one to do

d nan

I`m a 60 year old, slightly overweight male ( 5'11" and 210 lbs.). I have been doing 4 different classes of your yoga for about 6 weeks. They are !- full body gentle flow 2-fat loss and flexibility 3-full body quick morning, and pilates hardcore for bikini. I feel great after doing these ( I do them everyday). Should I also be doing more or is this good for now. I haven`t noticed any weight loss, but have loss a few inches. Thank you very much for having these videos available, as I probably would not go to any outside… Read more »

tricia leo

Juliana, you seem so much more fun in this video; so lively. It must be the Saint Lucia effect!

Sandra Nobre

amazing workout 🙂

Ahed Nofal


Barbara Townsend

you are beautiful and OMG those feet

Sitcom Christian

Those front leg lifts were killer/awesome!!

Kids & Toy Adventure

She is good

Sekai Ndemanga

Have you thought of adding Africa to your destinations? Cape Town? Tanzania? Zanzibar? Seychells?

shirlee brown

i really love your workouts MORE than the others on youtube, i hope you keep going., you r inspirattional, beautiful, awsome workouts, i wouldnt mind some being longer, but its easy enough to just do 2 or 3.,thank you.,DO NOT GO AWAY EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Daisy Porter

This really really hurts my neck and leaves it tight and sore afterwards. do you have any advice at all? xxx

Archana Karthikeyan

ur workouts are so addictive Juliana.. thanks much.. please do something for last few inches and pounds.. which helps best in losing those few inches?

ming welu

I am glad to find your videos thanks for amazing workouts ,you make my day😍

N a d i a

I just adore you!! thank you so much for these exercise!