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Carrie Meadows

You kicked my butt! For real!🍑

Shinam Khan

This kicked my butt..I am sweating and puffing like a dog


Kick ass workout, I loved it!! Ty Kelly

Monkey D Luffy

this set I have been using for years is very practical and convenient, I leave you the amazon link https://amzn.to/38ZQ1TH

Shelley Omar

Are these good for bad knees?


Yes! Can’t wait to see upper body band next!

Cindy Calvert

Wow that was a lot of fun!! I went into it with a really bad attitude, but I feel a lot better now. Thank you so much!

naga laxmi

Hi Kelli can I do this workout after 8weeks of post partum?

Fun Hub

Hey Keli❤️❤️❤️
Thanks you so much for all the fire🔥🔥🔥
Keep pushing us to be better 😘
I’ve finally started going to the gym and vlogging my journey

Elvan Emurla

I lost my resistance band to this video! 😀 Nevertheless it is a good workout.

A Tej

This was fun. I used it as a glute activation session. Thank you.

Sierra Sketers

I know this is good if SHE'S breathing that hard😂

Leah Marie

Kelli, I'm so glad that you are back! How are you doing? PS: I love you guys so much ❤️


could anyone explain what the difference is between the left and the right calorie count?

Saida Barrera

I miss doing your exercises. I will be back on the roll in like march. I am preg now, im due JAN but i am anxious to get my body back LOL.

Home Weight Loss Guide

Something different but still a very good workout. 💖

Shalu Dhingra

Thanks a million.
It's really burning.
But I have done it without band.

Tori Abucewicz

You should do a video of a Pilates routine using resistance bands!

Maxine E

Could someone please explain what the two calorie numbers mean?

Monica Soares

Love it! More resistance band workouts, please 🤗

S. Crosson

It hurts so good.

Lynn Berger

welcome back Kelli!

Marsha Mailander

what brand resistance band does Kelli use?

Hey buddy great content👍I am guy 25 and I am training and trying to lose weight but I am worried that I might get loose skin once I lose belly fat,anyway to avoid it? Or can you suggest me different way to lose weight without getting loose skin? Thanks in advance😊

Lulu & Laura Vloggers

How are you guys? Good to see you and your workout is the best to losing weight and body shape keep going

Soma choudhuri

Hi Kelly , I have ankle injury and got plastered for the fracture , can you suggest some exercise for Ab & upper body ?

aravind kumar

Kelli love love all your workout!! Please do a sagglebag workout!! Eagerly looking forward😊

Laurianne Martini

OMG my booty !!!!

Jenny Nunez

okay but how do you keep the resistance band from sliding down your leg? mine will not stay in place for the life of me

radiohead tv

I find satisfying hearing the shoes tap

Gayle M.

Ouchhhh thanks for great work out 😬

Issa Secret secret

This is crazy i used to watch yall when i was 15 on your website and years later you still look EXACTLY the same. Definitely going to be trying this and update

Cielo Azul

Love it, thanks, welcome back Kelly 🌹


The only time you can grab your butt like that and say, “ oh that burns…” without people looking at you weird.


So happy to see you back in front of the camera crushing this workout! I felt the burn big time 🔥🍑

Mansha Joshi

Very Very welcome back Kelli, missed you guys🥰🥰🥰🥰😘

RS Khaleesi

Thank you so much! Your workouts are what got me into HIIT, have been a subscriber for a couple of years now 🙂

Olesia Sula

this was awesome. very entertaining too


We missed you so much. Take care of your body and soul!!!!

Ruba Alassad


Adwoa Amuah

So good to see you getting back. I wish you total recovery. Kelli, is this workout safe for people still fixing DR? I've made great progress but my thighs and stomach still need a lot of work.

Kelsey Drew

That was awesome.. more please. I would love to see this mixed in with some weight training. I am sweating my butt off.

Kristen Egan

What an awesome burner! Did this one after my other lower body workout and my legs are jelly! Love these resistance band workouts


Thank you Kelli Love you guys!


Killer! Thought about doing it twice but not this. You guys have such talent 😍 Thank you for sharing!

Suzanne Yates

That burned my booty. 🔥


I cant wait to try this out👍🏾

Ebby Mutai

Such an honor to have you back Kelli, God's blessings

Betül Çayan

I just have ordered a set of resistance bands on Sunday and saw this yesterday. You read my mind, you're so awesome thank you. So excited to do this.


Yay you’re back!!!