Rutina de ejercicio de cinco minutos para tonificar las piernas para un excelente cuerpo de bikini.
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5 minutos # Cuerpo de tono, entrenamiento de piernas
#FitnessTraining con Tammy

Rutina de ejercicio de cinco minutos para tonificar las piernas y lograr un excelente cuerpo de bikini.

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Fish Bowl
Destany Belyew

Thanks Tammy! This really helps!!

Joanne Marincovich

Awesome workout, thank you!

Ms Bootybandit

Is it wrong that this video gave me a stiffy?

Name Second name

Tammy is gorgeous

Pablito Gayoso

Nice feet!!

Hala Eldosoky

The best exercises ever.👏🏼

Manmohan Singh

Very good job


that last one got me in the lower abdomen

Adil Ahmed

I'd like to add in my experience here…..these exercises are incredibly amazing especially the abs ones they are the one keep my tummy in all this while

Alma MUY

i love your workout movement tammy 🙂 thanks a lot for your vidoe 🙂 awesome!!!! take care

nida dawud

Thank u Tammy


Great job! Very helpful


I have a problem that detailed the left pelvis when performing these exercises sound like Crackling sounds when every movement with pain Ksah electricity

zooz no


Doha Hegazy

excellent , thanks alot 🙂 

Rakshit Balwanti

Get your butt to the ground when you squat Tammy! Ass to grass hehe

Reina Andino

Love these workout with Tammy. Fun to do, on my busy day.

jennifer thurstan

love these, I use every one of your video's to work out. thanks!!!

Klaudia Lesniewska

How many calories does it burn???♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

Ashley O'Brien

Or maybe repeat 3 times at that?

Ashley O'Brien

Hi,good video..but they seem pretty easy..can I repeat them,so I'm doing each exercise twice?

Moood Moood

اتمنى تفيدنا تتجارب الي عملوها تمرين جميل


does this really work? 

Sevil Aykul

I like these exercises because i wanna thigh gap and these feel like we will have.