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gnikaw pleasant

Workout complete.

Georgia Hatcher

Excellent workout! Thank you very much!

gnikaw pleasant

I got through the first 15 minutes. I’m dripping in sweat. I rarely sweat. I love this workout. I’ll try again tomorrow!

Brianna T.

I, stupidly, walked to the gym in my complex this morning to do this workout routine. Definitely overestimated my ability to walk home afterward. My body is a giant noodle, Thanks Kelly and Daniel

Lewis Johnson III

Booty booty booty booty rockin everywhere!


I’m so glad you guys don’t move along this quickly anymore. The amount of times I have to rewind makes this a much longer “quick” workout 🤪


wow. For the first time in a long time I can't finish one of the workouts. It's harder for me than the 36 minute strength training one.

Mayra Butler

Such a good workout!


Wow; when you choose the right weights, you really feel tired after the first round of intervals. Can't believe that 2 years ago I did this thinking I was a beast at the gym, but as soon as I upgraded the weights, FUCK, this video killed me around minute 11:12

Just Natalyy

I''m no longer constipated

Chillchill Chi

thank you . I like it

Mini Darragh

I LOVE this workout!

Anam Azar

I have lost 10 kgs and kept it off for for 4 years with Fitness Blender. LONG LIVE KELLY!

KC Vilas

This is one of my all-time favorites. I feel it for days.

EmDeusTudoE Possivel

Fenomenal!! Damm it feels soo good!!!

Choice Damiso

This is my Monday morning go to routine. It kicks ass of the weekend indulgences and laziness

Daniel Blaha

This workout kicked my butt, but I feel so good 🙂

Natalie's Life

Amazing workout!(:

Ellie Lane

I normally do the 35 mins body strength training workout, but today I tried this one and had to stop at 18mins I can't wait to conquer this routine. Day 14 of working out.

Smsm 2019

منو جاي من طرف فاتن

Bagzada Maratovna

these vides are helping me so much! thank you guys


First two sets killed me but I finished it ! thank you for another great workout


(2) 4:20 reverse lunge stuff (no bench)
(3) 13:28 bench stuff starts
(1) 19:17 Floor stuff
31:28 cool down stretch

Abigail Lindner

I am so energized for the rest of the day! I used three-pound weights at first, then switched to five-pound weights. I kept pace for all but the single leg raises. My arms aren't strong enough for that yet, at least not with five pounds. I think I could use heavier weights for all but that move next time.

Neha Hiremath

Very very very good experience for all levels. Nice keep it up.

Michelle Ndegwa

This workout was perfect for me!!!! Thank you FB team ❤️