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Did these exersizes a few times, helped tremendously. Legs were fine after a day of skiing.

Lynn Walls

THANK YOU!! I’m 58 years old and for the past 5 years we have gone to Colorado for a week of skiing – and I have had to take off day 3 or 4 due to severe muscle soreness despite conditioning prior. This year, I did this workout 2-3 x weekly x 6 weeks and also added actual stair climbing as well – I just returned from our trip this year and I was able to ski 6 days in a row with minimal muscle soreness! I was SO HAPPY. I recommend this workout to anyone who wants to feel… Read more »

Catia Aguiar

After reading all this comments I don't feel so bad after all!! Got to do all the first 4 ( struggling sometimes) but had to almost stop on the last one! So that wasn't so bad after all!!!😂

Регулярно тренируюсь по этой программе. Спасибо!

Tuna Cantaymaz

this is legit insane


happy to join your channel with a big like…been following your trainings to prepare for our coming ski holiday…. fingers crossed :))

Juan Esteban

After going on my first ski trip this season, my legs were super sore. Now I have just done this workout and I find that it would have helped me a lot. My friend was conditioning his legs since october and he kicked my ass on the slopes at Whistler. This will never happen to me again. I will train them ahead of time.

H. C

after 12 minutes, i really doubt about my life. it was harder than i expected.


Your excersice are very very good and clearly shown. The orde ist explained precisely. You are a great team. Thank you and greetings from Black Forest.

Dmitry Samsonov

Really, really great workout, man. I could not imagine to find something as awesome as this before a few days of Sunrise to sunset skiing. Thanks a lot and God Bless!

mara isler

During the whole workout I was just swearing at the guy cause he was making me suffer but at the end I was like oh yea this was good thanks man

Janine Rosenke

This was awesome. Thx so much. Shared it with my Family.

Heavy, even without the jumping.

William Locke

“Add in a 30-60 minute cardio routine, and it’ll really get you ready for the slopes.” 😧

Itati Villanueva

Actually really enjoyed this one better than the snowboarding conditioning, no idea why but I am drenched in sweat and feeling amazing. Thank you Daniel and Fitness Blender! No days off!

Nicholas Haynes

IM 220 LB not done any form of meaningful exercise since my last ski trip a year ago. This killed me 🙂 I mean i collapsed in a heap on 6.41. I can see however, this is great conditioning for skiing. Im gong to give myself a break and not try and do all these in one 30 min hit right away. Give myself more time to learn the individual workouts and then in a couple weeks I'll go for gold and try the 30 mins non-stop

kit Kat

I did this with my parents before a ski trip, this is a grueling exercise regime but certainly worth it! The first time we got just over halfway and now I can do the whole thing with no breaks. I run 5k often and this is a good muscle builder for that type of thing! Highly recommend for people starting to get into fitness, but anyone with a knee injury it might not be suitable since the strain it put on my knees was immense.

Maltesers Smith

Great one ,thnakyou from 🇬🇧👍👏

Mary Knickle

This is amazing. I am in my late 50's and having knee problems. Last year I thought i would not be able to ski. My osteopath told me the muscles around my knees were weak so I started this video VERY GENTLY at first. Sometimes I did double legs on the single and jumped in one spot. The first time I didn't finish the video! Eventually I did and last year skied (for the first time) from 9am – 4pm in powder (the most snow in 30 years). I recommend this for anyone with knee problems like mine. Now I… Read more »

Danielle Tells

This is so fun!!!!! (In a brutal sort of way) Thank you for sharing.

Holly McKibbin

Could someone tell me how often you’re supposed to do this? Plz tell me it’s not everyday,!!🥴

Класс супер круто умница😄😄


Brutal, love it

Jackson Gardner

This is fun and a good workout and can do it at home

Josh Taylor

Fucking hell I made it

Mandy R

Added this 1X a week to my meager workout routine for about 6 weeks before skiing, and what a difference!  Also dramatically improved my cardio endurance during my runs.  When I went skiing over the holidays I skied the best I had since I had my daughter!  Also, couldn't even get through all the sets the first time I did this, and even now I need extra breaks.  This 32 min workout takes me closer to 40-45 min to get through.


I'm going skiing in 5 weeks so thought I'd look for some workout videos and tried this last night. I told my wife that I was sweating like a fat lad in a chip shop after doing it, which is ironic because she reminded me that I am a fat lad and I do work in a chip shop…


I wanted to throw up after 15 minutes :/ One hour passed and I'm still feeling sick, too many jumps

Anna Němcová

hi, i like this video a lot, how often it should be done to bet in a form in 3 weeks?

Frances Pope

This is a lot more cardio than the man makes it look. I'm breathing heavily through all the slow exercises as well! It would be better if he did all the exercises along with us, and got sweaty, instead of just repeating the recordings!

Timothy White

How do you know your back is straight when doing the Russian twist?

My husband and I are skiers so we tried this workout together and It is challenging. This workout brought my husband and I together…usually we do our own thing. Appreciated the explanation of the purpose of each exercise and will incorporate this into our routine. Thank you so much! Can't wait to hit the slopes

Yvette Kortright

exercise 1 (isolation jump squat)- 0:28
exercise 2 (russian twist)- 1:20
exercise 3 (agility dots)- 5:34
exercise 4 (tricep dips)- 6:42
exercise 5 (single leg lateral hops)- 11:40
exercise 6 (high knee stepover)- 12:37
exercise 7 (single leg ventral hops)- 19:08
exercise 8 (three point squat)- 20:05
exercise 9 (low squat jump twist)- 25:20
exercise 10 (lunge with rotation)- 25:51

Be Happy

If you can keep up with his tempo, you're already in shape…

Imogen Rose

Hey Guys, when you say add in a 30-60 min cardio routine, does that mean straight after this? Or at another day of the week? What is a good weekly regime to get me ready for the slopes. Thanks 🙂


I'm going skiing in 3 weeks and decided to start exercising now. I am not in the best shape due to injuries and lack of exercise. This program is amazing. I got out of breath, sweated and exhausted but I'm sure if I do it every day for 3 weeks I will be in a decent shape for skiing. Let's hope it will help my knees because I always end up with a huge pain in my knees after skiing.

Joyful Noise

I just invented my own ski exercise. It's just what u do without the jump. For a minute I thought I was inventing a new exercise but wondered if there was such a thing already so I typed into YouTube skier exercise and found your video. Even though I wasn't the founder of it, at least I know Iam creative lmaoo


Hey guys, i wanna know when do you rest and for how long. For example after every set, or after completing a set of the two or three exercises in the group. Thanks in advance!

Electrico 2015

SUper workout
Da komme ich ins Schwitzen, trainiere meine Muskeln und was viel wichtiger ist mein Gleichgewichtssinn


The first day I did this I felt like I was going to collapse half way through. Then I got delayed onset muscle soreness (normal after a new routine). The advice said to work through the soreness so, I tried this routine a couple of days later, and it was actually easier. Amazing how quick the body starts to adapt to new workouts!

So for anyone aching after the first time, don't get put off, get stuck in!

Sarah F

Great video, just wish it included some music!


Will this prepare me for skiing possibe in 7 days time hahaha I know ive let this late and im not in the best shape tbh not fat but got a little flab on the stomach and i get breathless a bit earlier cus of my asma any tips for me thanks

Keith Knuckey

Great workout for ski conditioning. It's punishing, but 30 minutes well spent. I''m glad to see from the other comments below that I'm not the only one that finds this hard 🙂 Recommended

Dana Vance

great workout…thanks

Linda Paul

Definitely the best from home workout I've found. I try to keep my knees loose and bent during the hop exercises. This makes the landing less jarring and I would think also make this more ski-like. The lateral hops are hard on my ankles, so I two-leg those and concentrate on the distance of the hop and I keep going right through the "switch" break to keep my cardio going. Also, I try to keep my hands and lower arms in front of me and level, as if I were holding ski poles. This way the arms are not contributing… Read more »