Entrenamiento de yoga de 20 minutos para principiantes, rutina de entrenamiento físico en casa, bienestar total Austin
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Lori y su equipo en Total Wellness Austin ofrecen #Yoga, Doga (sí, ¡yoga con tu perro!), Acupuntura, masajes, atención quiropráctica, campamento de entrenamiento y apoyo nutricional. Lori enseña yoga en Austin, Texas.

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Dead Gray Fox

If I ever get married someday, this woman is absoluty perfect image of a wife to me…. I dont think you can get more gorgeous than that, this is PEEK.

Mukhtar Amhmed



Wow, I would love to straddle this beauty of a woman.

Gary Brown

I can't get in a seated position


I like her, think I found my yoga trainer



Diederich Abels

You should learn a lot from Unflexal if you'd like to know how to training good and be more wholesome.

Geeta Bhagat

have yoga injury. sciatica nerve is pulled. please can you guide me what exercises should i do to decrease pain and continue my exercise regime

Yoga for Wellness https://goo.gl/rXLDDY

Irish King

Is she arabic?

El khalidy Abdelilah

Salam Lori, I liked your videos and how you mastering the movements, it gives an idea that you are such a modest expert in your domain, but I have a request, I wish you could make video of 20 or 30 minutes or more even, engaging lower back pain relief and strengthening, abs, obliques, plank, and hip flux, actually I have two herniated discs L4 -L5 and l5-S1, so I need a video that can include these exercises, thanks in advance, and keep on the way, you're excellent, your follower from Morocco ,

André Ventura

So beautiful <3

mamery jazz

wow. I was struggling in my living room

Tanya Astin

This and the morning stretch for beginners was everything I needed this morning. I love the music and everything. You actually hold poses long enough for benefits desired. You're explanations of modifications and what not to do are very helpful. I've been starting and stopping yoga for years. This is what the masses need. Thank you.

irma zuhrotulfikriyah

hey all, the best results that i have ever had was with mark magic method (just google it) without a doubt the most incredible diet that i have ever tried

Siqfrid Nazarius

thanks for the exercise… where to buy the belt?

Ham AlA

I love your work Honey Lori

Adam Roether


636 OC

Thank you for your teachings, namaste

Today I was searching for streching muscles in lower back which has been hurting me and I saw and did low back pain streches and this on and wow it is so easy and I can feel a difference I look forward to doing them daily. Thank You.

Cami Clark

is it ok to do yoga at the age of 15 i started dealing with depression and i watched your yoga video and i started it today but im not sure if its good at my age


What a wonderful video! I am just getting back into yoga, after about a 3 year break. This video brings back all of the lovely stretches and feelings that I know and love. Thank you for sharing!


Wooow she is the most beautiful yoga instructor there is. 😀


I LOVE THIS ROUTINE.  I feel so relaxed and good at the end. 


Thank you for reminding me to breathe throughout. I have a tendency to hold my breath.

Bill Goldschein

Do more videos Lori
Bigger, wider.
not just narrow back pain or sleeplessness (thats 3 sets of double letters in one word)
How about complete workouts for beginners, intermediates, advanced
(see Integral Yoga Hatha- swam Satchidinanda).


she sounds like janice from friends

Bill Goldschein

7 days a week with Lori.
Make more.

Hi Lori, great video! Thanks for producing and sharing your yoga techniques. Full disclosure, I'm a male who loves yoga, yet has a terrible foot fetish. It's quite difficult for me to go to a yoga studio and do a group yoga session with other women's feet within, sometimes a few inches, of my face and hands. Sounds crazy, but it's true. A guy with a foot fetish in a yoga studio full of beautiful barefoot women is just a recipe for a very unproductive yoga session on my part 🙂 I have had to chose to do yoga videos… Read more »


Sit on my face and i wont be stressed.


If she were my wife, the closest we would get to violence would be heavy petting.
So I'll sing you to sleep After the Yoga……….


For my computer, there are times when the music is louder from her voice.
Aside from that this is all really good and I'm grateful for this re-introduction to yoga after a 10-year lapse.  Thanks!