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some one

Who else actually did this and died after seeing that weights because you don't have one

Felix Jean Claude

Workout completed. I am happily trying to finish all the workouts fitness blender has been offering on youtube. A challenge that is really giving good results. Highly motivational also

Franc Marcus

My gym closed down so I have no option but doing this now #ronaseason

Flora Yap

2nd time following this video, man this is not easy, it better really burn off some calories and my big tummy


This is a great workout but I only burned 350 cals doing the harder set… I guess I have a slow matabolism? 🙁


i did ten minutes and gave up

Honestly Honorable

Who would work out for this long like this

6:30 in and I needed to pause already for a drink of water.

Wendi Hayman

Workout Complete! I have been doing Fitness Blender workouts for at least 7 years and this is my first time seeing this workout, but glad I found it!

Noel John Hementera

I must admit. This was a killer! Did this today right after it popped out on my search. Gonna add this on my cardio workout routine. Thanks for the workout!

BTW, today is the 15th day of 30 days no days off workout challenge. Motivate me to get back in shape 🙂

m x

rn i just ate a big pizza and i’m so mad at myself so i’m gonna wait an hour for it to digest then go this! I’ll let update every 10 minutes loll:

Felix Jean Claude

Workout complete


I did it for 27 mins! This was really intense! I'm pretty sure I'll be able to exceed this time tomorrow, and guys you know its working when it burns.

Gaia Maniglio

I did this workout 2 times a week with other exercise (boxe 2 times) and god,I’m another person.


So who actually did the whole thing

Doris Mugambi

Work out complete! Nice I enjoyed every bit.. Well done God bless

Kalikacharan Chowdhury

ohh boi… I fid it!!
gosh… I di this every day… I'll be shredded in ni fucking time!

Lily Gibbons

I just want to say thank you so much! I have a disability and never knew how to do workouts that accommodate my disability. Thank you for your alternative workout!


Me encanto la sesión hagan más rutinas de estás muchas gracias saludos desde Perú

LPS Hannah

I got a dominos advert before this…

Jorge Moreno

I Will try it today. Probably ill die. Send likes for motivation.

Melody Violet

Oh look they have almost 6M, are they going to make a 6000 calorie one

Daniela Vilu

I did it! I thought it was going to be much harder than it was. Can't wait to do it again!


1:04~1:28 24seconds for 2 kcals
1:28~1:52 3 kcals
1:52~2:16 4 kcals
2:16~2:42 3 kcals
2:43~3:07 3kcals

Repeat that for 1 hour to burn 440 kcal

Best Clips

pathetic workout i've seen.

offical aile

I am the only one who can't hear them talk in?

Sando Raouf

aww the first 3 sec haha

Ana Rasic

Water break is the best part of the workout. I'm dead! Thanks people.


I did it all at first time… Now i'm dead, nice workout

Micaylah Turner

Only did 13:00 and that is more than I worked out in a long time. This is why I eat cake much easier than all this. 😂


Thanks to peppero now im here :'D


Workout Completed

Da1ryy Gaming

Panda express didnt prepare me for this.

Gaby Noemi

…the ASMR of the footsteps