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Who's doing this in quarantine?

Caylie Rothenberger

Ever time a squatted my knees like kept popping it was weird

Cheyenne Jenkinson

Quarantine 2020 anyone ? 😂

Sake Sake

how does her hair stay so perf

Nicole Franklin

Me over here in quarantine deciding i'll start working out now.

Kali Kali

Thank you !!!


Very good workout out

cort haney

That really stretches the muscles. I would do this every day.

As a 300 pund women I've been doing this warmup as a regular workout doing this video twice. It's hard enough for me to sweat but it doesn't destroy me like other workouts I can't hadrly do ♥ Thanks

ضوء القمرر

جاين من ستوري نورس ستار 😂😍🇮🇶

كم عراقي اجه من طرف نورس ستار


جاية من نونو 💙🕊

Rana Sy

مين جاية من نورس ستار😍

shoshyana paulo dybala

اللي جايين من نونو لايك 😂

Tiba Salah

الي جاي من ستوري نونو لايك🧡


Thanks for the great video!! I use it frequently whenever I don’t have time for full fledged exercises!!

Joanne W



I love this! The best warm up I've found on YouTube. I love that it's not exceedingly strenuous and the moves are easy to do and the preview of the next exercise is a big help. Great warm up workout!😊

Anaiyasmommy W

I just incorporated this in my morning routine. Right before I jump in the shower. This is a quick, yet effective way to start the day.

Follower Of Duck

Isnt this a workout by itself tho

Desaturated Firefox

Saw the slow-rocking butt kickers live last year, great band!

El M

I work from home sitting at a desk all day. I worry about my health from the non-stop sitting. This is the perfect length of time to just get up once and hour, and get the circulation and cardio health going. It’s a new year! I’m going to preserve my health!!!


I’ve been doing this warm up for over a year several times a week. I looked the other warmups and I like this one the best.

Bongo Drums


Unique_ Snowflake

i am speed c:

Weird Angel

Me and my friends did this together
We all tried
It looked like we were high

But it was good

Hazel Lavesque

Thank u sooo much
Me and my friends did this together on FaceTime

Ging 442


my gacha life channel

I could do every single one exsept for the first I was sooo lost

jose joy

can this be done before weight lifting exercise?