Entrenamiento cardiovascular de 8 minutos en el hogar, rutina de ejercicios y entrenamiento físico para quemar grasa
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#Entrenamiento cardiovascular


8 minutos #Cardio #Ejercicio en casa, # Rutina de ejercicio y # Entrenamiento físico para quemar grasa

No hay tiempo para hacer ejercicio? ¡DECIR AH! ¡Este ejercicio cardiovascular de 8 minutos te pondrá en forma en poco tiempo! Practica en casa o afuera en la tierra, ¡este ejercicio es excelente para todos los niveles! ¡No hay excusas para no hacer ejercicio con este entrenamiento de rutina de ejercicios para quemar grasa!

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Entrenamiento cardiovascular de 8 minutos en el hogar, rutina de ejercicios y entrenamiento físico para quemar grasa

Home Butt Workout: tono y forma para principiantes | Psychetruth Fitness Training | Dena Austin

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Jisha Basheer

Thannk you mam I just tested this excercise I really help this


Has anyone tried Custokebon Secrets? (do a google search) I've heard numerous amazing things about this popular lose weight secrets.

Owl Official

This exercises can lower cholesterol level

Rin S

Had me panting in just a few minutes … good workout…and am thin… so that’s my fitness level …. gotta stay at it

sebastian marciniak

Hi there, have you considered Custokebon Secrets yet? Just simply do a google search engine search. On there you'll discover an awesome suggestions about how exactly you can lost lots of weight. Why not give it a chance? perhaps it is going to work for you too.


Hey Dena..I want you to know that Im a 280lb man that was raining down curses upon your name and the whole city of Austin during this workout 🏋️‍♂️ #LovedIt! #Subscribed


can i do this before doing a different workout?(hourglass workout specifically)

FitnessAnywhere Ph


robert franklin

Everybody needs to be fit and healthy

ChiMade Nick G

This made me put my cheese burger down… Thanks ♥️

Chrissy Dash

How did you get the timer on you video?

Atul Giri Goswami

Nice one


Me: clicks on video
Video: no hot girl from thumbnail
Me: aight amma head out


2020 anyone???



Wendolin Garcia

2020 anyone?

Bxck Flip

2020 anyone? New Years 👀

Silke Held

2064 anyone?

Nicholas Argyros

how many days a week should a woman do this to see results? I am trying to help my wife develop a home aerobic routine. My knowledge of exercise is more based on classic weightliting split. Someone help!!

Victoria Brown

I loveeeee youuu!!

video world

What is cardio workout
Wt is a use

Jessica Miller

I love this video. I have EDS so I skip the jumping bit, just turn it into a squat-to-stand thing, but I've needed a good cardio workout that wouldn't wreak havoc on my joints. I can modify these easily when my joints aren't having a good day. Thank you!


Its 10 mins with ads


her:breath in from your nose and out
her agian: breaths very hardly

Nick Code

Damn, people back in 2011 were way more fit.

Azaleas Quinton

you women have some easy workouts god dang

Jake Rap

Ive been doing this for month taking only 2 days off each week and doing 2 times each day and ive lost 10 pounds

Michelle Japina

Thank you for sharing this video, I do my cardio with you❣️

laser gun pew pew

Cardio helps you lose muscle… right?

Come join us and get fit. Subscribe and watch our live videos 😊 https://youtu.be/Yeom5SKMgIU


Tried this workout for 8 minutes and I'm already signing up for next year's Ironman Triathlon

I’m Broke

Would this get me a slim body


I like this work exercise

Wendi Watson

THANK YOU, that was awesome.
It was tough to finish .i felt weak but your encouragement helped. 😃
I love the new workout & I'm going to have my kids know it too. 🎉😼

Paolo Berrios

Don’t you get cramped when you’re drink water while working out

Saifana Maryam

That running man is horrendous, it’s painful. This wasn’t too tiring but not too little, perfect workout to do twice or thrice a week mixed with other cardio.

spiritual nature

Great vid thanks


Burning those what?

just mia

2019 anyone??

Anna Smita Sarkar

I was searching this video from a very long time.thnx

Angie Jogan

great exercises definitely feel better makes my day

Romelia Polly

You can check Unflexal to learn more about training your body.

Garlic Girl

Great! About all the time I heart and got me sweating and heart racing!

AishO Karrar

Thanx alot ☺️ u make it look so easy 😂😂😂😂 can i know how much calorie dose this burn ?? Thanx again 😁

Kaitlyn Lam

Hello Dena I love your videos and I would like to know if you can make a full body workout video for beginner with Wrist pain?  Thanks

Amazed Fitness



I love this video so much I feel so great after I do it, I do it every night its awesome

linh america

your legs are amazing


you have a sexy body