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Lonely Potato Sack

I absolutely love this workout with all my heart! I always lift pretty heavy, proper form, constantly contracted muscles and I always feel like a badass by the end of it 😎 One rep of every exercise ensures I always push myself to the max with the heaviest weights I can manage and burn out my muscles by the end of each exercise and certainly by the end 🔥 I’m super proud of myself for also pausing this workout at the end and doing today’s body weight upper body extra challenge with weights instead of no weights, ensuring a complete… Read more »


I'm so sorry but did Daniel get starved of oxygen at birth as I find him a little slow ???

Angie Schneider


Kelly Blankenship

Great workout. Thank you!

Christine Lamb

Wow, that was a super upper body workout! It is nice to have a no-repeater workout sometimes, and I loved all the exercises 😍💪🏻. I recently got some heavier dumbbells, and it is feeling awesome to feel challenged again! 😄💪🏻🔥

Michelle Cummins

Loved it, I feel strong!

Dennis Johnston

I loved this workout. Time went so fast!

Angel Cash

I noticed the timer bar and calorie counter aren't working. Other than that I love you guys so much!! 5 years of working out with y'all and I'm still finding new challenges 💓💪

fallin Destroyt

I've done this workout for the first time right now, I really feal the Chest and my Arms, but I dont think it will train my shoulders or my back, can smbody tell me what I did wrong?

Edit: It's the next day, nvm everything hurts xD

fallin Destroyt

How often can I do this workout?

Angie Schneider


Balance Spa

Loved it. Wish was a little longer


I've always wondered if these workouts are more effective for toning muscle compared to repeating each exercise three times?

Lonely Potato Sack

Ouch, my arms burnt super bad and super good at the same time 🙌 I finally understand where the name of this program is coming from, or at least, I’m remembering again since last time I’ve done this program was last October. This workout was short but straight to the point and straight to the burn 🔥 I’m proud of myself for showing up and pushing strong 💪 #FBBurn Day 2 main workout complete! Now onto the extra challenge! ✌️ 10.09.19


Workout complete

Theresa Trevino

Fantastic workout! The rotator cuff exercises were similar to the ones my physical therapist recommended for my shoulder pain. Definitely you can do these without weights, too!

Nelly Velez

Exelent workout 👍👍👍💕💕thank you so much 😃

Oliver Higgins

Can you put the weight in kilos too?


Enjoyed it thoroughly. Thanks.

Balance Spa

Love this

Angie Schneider


sahan isuru

Keeping a flat back is kinda hard

Yuchen Cai

For easily bored people this workout is so enjoyable!!! Thanks a lot man

Shaheen Taj

Good one

Shaheen Taj

Good one

Hannah Is Singing

How difficult should the weight in the dumbbells be?

Safa A.BenAhmeida

thank you

Shaheen Taj


Shaheen Taj


Shaheen Taj

Good one

Jenn Fur

Completed w/Neil 12/12/18. Neil really likes this one, he says he would do it again. This is the work out with the weird rotator cuff exercise.
Also, why doesn't the calorie counter and time line bar thingy work on this one?

Charles Todd Evans

Awesome workout, thank you!