Aprende pose de yoga Downward Dog con Adriene. Si aprendes a Downward Facing Dog correctamente y sigues mis consejos para encontrar lo que se siente bien a través de una alineación adecuada y mantenerte alejado de tu mente ocupada, te prometo que eventualmente CRAVE esta postura.

Además, Down Dog tiene MUCHOS beneficios. Me refiero a una tonelada. ¡Muy muy bien! Pruébalo y házmelo saber cómo va tu experiencia.

Lea sobre los beneficios y más consejos para Downward Dog (Adho Mukha Svanasana) en http://yogawithadriene.com/downward-facing-dog/

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Kriti Darshni

This is the best aasan. I feel so good after doing Adhomukhshavaasan.

Lo Legacy

when i finally master this pose i think im going to throw some type of yoga party lol!

Smile is a charity

why my heels don't touch the ground !

Simon Taylor

I really struggle with downward dog, it hurts my arms so much I can never hold it for three breaths! I've been doing yoga for a couple years and I do other fitness things my arms are more toned than they were a few years ago but somehow downward dog hasn't got any easier

Andrew Bosio

Grate video thanks !! using it for my daily post run stretch.

Elaina Marie

Ive been a subscriber since last years 30 day challenge, hello:) I love DFD but my hands KEEP SLIDING. I bought antiperspirant lotion but its not helping and I have the Manduka yoga mat and I spread my fingers wide, but now I cant enjoy the pose due to my hands constantly slipping:( any other ideas for me? maybe try sea-salt and sunshine for my mat again? Did I make a mistake by washing my mat in the tub with a little dish soap?

Dane Goodwin

down ward dog is big bad nipple sucking long nose pimple chicken wines long Ryans unibrow stinky butt grape

seyma begum

i am 21 girl who lives in a country far far away from you,i started yoga 2019 i am doin my second 30 days of yoga.and everyone from my family literally everyone,telling me like "wow girl what happened to you and your body,you look fresh" i do feel fresh thank you sooo much for everything

Dorothy Steinruck

I hate this pose. I’m gonna do it twice a day for a week or a month or whatever it takes to get past that. Thanks Adriene.

Tchina Mameri

Back here in 2019 checking my foundations to keep going with HOME ❤❤❤
Such an amazing journey!

Kawa Salih

Currently on the 30 day HOME journey, and just dropped by here to get some pointers about downward dog which I'm struggling with. Never considered finding what feels good here is the way to go. Thanks Adriene 🙏🏼💗
Also, that haircut! So cute!

Nina Van De Walle

Hey there thanks for the tutorial! I'm never sure of my hands to feet length when in downward dog! Is it too short if we move from table top position? Or can we do it in various lengths? Love and namaste from France 🇫🇷

shinta doko

Talk too much

Rebecca Daria

Gaaaaaaaa! I love this so much!! 😄😄😄😄

Audrey Ha

Hello 2020, Thank you 30 day yoga with Adriene for bringing me here.


I thought the dog's name was Benji?

Samu Tyrväinen


Ellen Schwindt

You said "play the piano" Yes, I will next time I'm in downward dog. And I will in between my yoga breaks. I'm not sure what I'm practicing more these days, piano or yoga. Thank you!

Boo Songz

Also, didn't know you had a dog named Blue.

Boo Songz

I have been doing #ywajoy and downward facing dog has become a real struggle so I figured I would go back to foundations. I need to practice this so much. My arms wont hold me up. Also, is there a way to stop your hands from sliding? I am using an Aero mat and it says it is fitness, but I am sliding everywhere. Day 19

Jay-Ram Rajendra

I definitely have to practice this more, and also remember to keep the movement of the feet going. Sidenote, the gym staff keep raving about the yoga at my gym, and part of me is like "go check it out man" and the other part is "do they know I yoga?" Lol, jokes aside, I might go check it out tomorrow. Idk, I'll let you know if I end up going. Bahaha! 😅🙏

Amy Kelley

You Rock thank you lady I started to fall in love with yoga and then just gave up and I believe it had everything to do with downward dog but you made me feel alive with possibilities❤ Thank you Beautiful Soul

Joe Kowalski

Can men do yoga?

McPhee Clan

I love this pose…my legs are so tight and this felt amazing! Namaste🙏🏻


One of the best explanations for how to get into this pose! Thank you!

Phương Mai Nguyễn

Hi Adrien! Where is Blue now? 🙂

Laisa hh

she knows me too well