¡Únete a Adriene en el día 20 del viaje de Los 30 días de yoga! Práctica del corazón. Esta secuencia de yoga no es la práctica de apertura del corazón de tu mamá. Este viaje de 27 minutos te invita a encontrar apoyo de la tierra, comprometer todo el cuerpo y poner tu CORAZÓN en él.
¡El día 20 se basa en la práctica de respiración y cuerpo de ayer! Sincronice el movimiento y la respiración con esta práctica de yoga de flujo de cuerpo completo. Abre el corazón e invita espacio al cuello y los hombros. Tienes que tener corazón. ¿Qué tipo de actitud puedes aportar a tu alfombra hoy?

¡Conéctate y apoya a otros abajo! Cultivar positividad. ¡Recuerda que cada día es diferente! ¡El viaje es la recompensa! ¡Nos vemos mañana!

¿Necesitas los fundamentos de los fundamentos de una pose?
Echa un vistazo a la lista de reproducción de Fundamentos de Yoga: http://goo.gl/Bc2iUc

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30 DÍAS DE YOGA – EDICIÓN DESCARGABLE: versiones descargables basadas en donaciones de los videos para que pueda practicar en cualquier momento y en cualquier lugar: https://yogawithadriene.com/30-days-yoga-download/

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Namaste .

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Yuriy Zs

Thank youuuu Adriene 🌸💖

Kazi Priyanka Silmi

Day 20- Yay-did it. Was very sore and almost didn't feel like doing it. But after I started, time just flew by!

Soraia Hus

It's day 20 everyone and I am feeling amazing.Thank you beautiful Adriene, ending lots of love… Namaste.

Speakingfor Crows

Adriene: "You can do whatever you want"
Me: Rocking back and forth like a crazy 5 year old
My boyfriend: What the f*% are you doing.

You've created a monster.

Seriously though, thank you so much for posting your video's. I have autism, I struggle with depression and I have physical issues due to HMS. Your video's are the only thing that reduce my anxiety and make me feel vital and at peace. Thank you Adriene! <3


This day was hard but the yoga practice made it much easier. Thank you💜

Sarah McLin

Drunk in cat cow! Love it!


I had an emotional release during this practice. It was a little sad but equally it felt more like I was unburdening myself rather than reliving the original trauma. That and feeling like I've taken my first proper breaths in all my years make this video my favourite so far! Thank you for your videos Adriene, they really are helping my mind, body and spirit 🙂

Silent Herald

Another day… feels really great 🙂

Ritu Meena

During every practice I without fail say "I love you, Adriene" to my screen. It just happens.
Today, I said I love you to myself. It just came out. Ah! ❤️

Melinda Magyar

I am not really into the mood now to do it, so I only did half of the practice, but will come back tomorrow to continue it.

Jay-Ram Rajendra

Day 20 ✔️ Hi friends! I had to recently adjust my yoga schedule to mornings instead of nights accommodate my day, and I was legit bummed for missing my usually scheduled practice. But then I remembered that this kind of thinking has actually set me up for a lot of failures in the past, because instead of going for excellence, I was going for perfection. Just like how I learned from these videos that it's not about hitting the poses perfectly, but rather doing the most mindfully best you can, I realized that I have to unlearn this. Whenever I… Read more »

Delaine Allen

Wow, day 20! I think I should be further along after 6 weeks of beginner yoga. But I notice the improvement all the time so itsallgood.

Sal Gordillo

I love you with all my heart that's my girl and my dog Benji my buddy always side by side until I die and all the people that are doing yoga with adriene dear father God watch over everyone of us amen Your Man love you baby

Alex Duddy

So close to touching my heels on the downward dog feels like just a few more practices away. Also when I extended my arms to the sides my titanic moment I was spiderman holding the train back from falling. Had fun with this one

Alexa Ertmer

Day 20. This felt so good!! The best thing is, I really do see so much progress in what I am doing. Also in my posture during the day. Way less slumping…I wish I had discovered you sooner, Adriene 🙂


Yesterday and today have been the funnest for me so far (besides day 3 i think) really hoping we get more back bends in the last couple of days. Either way yayyyy I am almost creating a habit whoot! (Sposedly takes 30 days to make something a habit!)

Gina Nolastname

Good opportunity to replace my cardio during the outbreak haha. The gym is closed 🤧

Fanfan MentalistFictions

Second heart practice this week. Heart and chakra go hand in hand 😌. A descent of gentle energy through your heart chakra. I feel peaceful and your mind being more open, more relaxed. It rebalances the whole being. Thank you Adriene.

hariani usman

Its day 20..omg..i only need 10 days to finish this challenges…😭

Thaís Jacaúna

these practices are full of love and peace. I'm proud of me and everyone that is doing this 30 days challenge. See y'all tomorrow ❤️ Thanks for sharing this practice with us, Adriene!


Just got back to it after one week's break 🙂 I'm still trying to stay off my wrists and be on my fists and forearms, which is sometimes difficult in transitions… But definitely hanging in there!

Echo-Marie Dahlin

I can't believe I have gotten this far!!!

It's been a tough time lately with my personal life, and may have taken me longer to reach day 20….but I did it!!

Aventurat e Julit

No matter how many times you give alternatives, ill do the main thing anyway, no time to think and make decisions 😀


Does anyone else struggle with their hands sliding on the mat? My palms seem to get sweaty and it's frustrating in downward dog!

Susan Blackstone

so many comments from years ago. Geesh where have I been? Good up to Day 19 when I came down with something and now 3 days later just feeling strong enough to approach my Day 20 with modifications, of course. Peace Out Y'all.

Netta Elsner

tomorrow I have a HUGE exam that ive been stressing about for a month now and I almost skipped today just going to bed… but then I reminded myself all the progress ive made and how much it helps me relax and focus that I did todays practice and it was exactly what I needed! it was relaxed, and I saw progress when I was doing the downward facing dog on one foot the one on the floor was sooooo close to the ground I could feel it! not yet on 2 legs but on one Im close so its… Read more »

Ashley Danielle

2020 VISION! HAPPY 2020!

Aneeta Joseph

Day 20

Matthew Lareau

Day 20 on new years eve of year 2020 ✌ thank you Adriene for so many years of inspiring yoga 🙏❤

Natalie Epperson

"…feel the stillness.." my dog starts squeaking her toy in my ear, lol. oh well!