¡Únete a Adriene en el día 12 del viaje de los 30 días de yoga! Yoga para la salud de la columna vertebral.
Esta práctica del Día 12 promueve un sistema de apoyo feliz y saludable. Busque el equilibrio mientras estabiliza la musculatura central de la columna vertebral. Encuentre una sensación de tranquilidad mientras fortalece los glúteos y las piernas y encuentra apoyo desde adentro, eso dura. De verdad. Mejore el equilibrio y la coordinación y recorra la ola de la práctica de Shakti de ayer para crear un enfoque que le sirva. Sigue volviendo a la respiración. Integre la respiración en cada postura y cada transición. Disfrutar.

¡Conéctate y apoya a otros abajo! Cultivar positividad. ¡Recuerda que cada día es diferente! ¡El viaje es la recompensa! ¡Nos vemos mañana!

¿Necesitas los fundamentos de los fundamentos de una pose?
Echa un vistazo a la lista de reproducción de Fundamentos de Yoga: http://goo.gl/Bc2iUc

– – – – – –

30 DÍAS DE YOGA – EDICIÓN DESCARGABLE: versiones descargables basadas en donaciones de los videos para que pueda practicar en cualquier momento y en cualquier lugar: https://yogawithadriene.com/30-days-yoga-download/

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Namaste .

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Jovee Gillen

I wasn't sure if this was yielding any results for me until I went on a short jog this morning. I can breathe so much easier when I run now, and it's only day 12! Thank you, Adriene <3

Aventurat e Julit

I feel like a rocket! 40% of the 30 days are dooooone 😲

Derek Walker

struggled with the tree poses on the left foot.. but still was far better balanced than tne last ballance session…..also love the warriors pose🙏🙏🙏

Leon Osborne

Day 12 done. I slpped two more days because of a cold. Was nice to get back to it. which is a big deal for me, as usually if I slip on something I give up. So pleased I am still going with this. Thanks, Adriene 🙂

Aneeta Joseph

Day 12✋


Happy New Year Adriene and Everyone :). Beginning 2020 with day 12 of 30 days. Let's do this!

Rick Brown

Day twelve! This is my first day back to work after the holiday break. I was carrying and painting plywood all day, and the whole entire time I was looking forward to getting into today's session. I'm so glad I have such an enjoyable way to wind down from a day of work.

darshan panchal

Thank you for today mam, Merry Christmas 💓

Kazi Priyanka Silmi

Day 12- Done but completely off-balance!

Netta Elsner

my balance is soooo bad!!! but I did it with the wall helping me, there will come the day that I could do it any number of things without it! but today was tough cause my nose is stuffed and I feel a cold is coming…

Nicole O Scott

just what i needed 🙂 Thanks Adriene xx

JLED The way

Thank you for keeping it fun! Santa. Lol

Patrick T. Randolph

DAY 12: Yoga for Spinal Health–Blissfully beaming balance~! I love how these puzzle pieces fit so smoothly together from session to session!
Today's balance and footwork was great . . . refreshing . . . and inspiring! Thanks!!!! Yes, the body speaks!

Mr Kimsua

Whew… Finally day 12. I do love yoga now. never but now starts to enjoy.. thx

Nadya Voynovskaya

where my 2020 COVID19 quarantine ppl at ?! lol sigh

Minh Hanh Hoang

6:38pm 17/03/2020 I think I might be a little “shaking tree” 🌳. That balance poses was tough, I will make it someday in the future. Sometime, the video was too fast for me to follow, I would slow the speed of it to 0,75x. ❤️❤️❤️

Yuriy Zs

Thank you for sharing 🌸🌸🌸

Catalina Zecchin

Really nice practice today, I loved the tree pose. Anybody else is feeling that their concentration is much better? I'm doing yoga, among other reasons, because I'm a bit of an anxious person. So far is working out beautifully. Thank you Adriene 🙂

Karolina An.

I have just started my adventure with yoga and I don't know why I always feel like I'm gonna cry after session. And what is the weirdest, this are happy tears. Nothing gives me such relief. Thank you.


today was a hard one. Looking forward for tomorrows practice 🙂

Elaia Greens

Feeling so much love and care from this yoga practice… Great way to start the morning (or end the day)! I love how each day is different from the other, I feel like I'm improving somehow. I'm still on tippy toes when I do the downward facing dog, but I know that the day will come when my feet will reach the mat! Thanks, Adriene! ❤️ Love the positivity!

Chrissy Schebilski

My Practice ended with a puppy sitting on me ready to play. 😉🐾

Mariam Muhammad

I touched my toes today for the very first time in my life. Thank you Adriene. ❤️


never felt that my sense of balance sucked until i started doing yoga
it was especially bad today haha

Kerigan Beairsto

This one was my favorite so far 🙂 I have a lot of back pain and this really helped

Sal Gordillo

I love you with all my heart my girl and my dog Benji my buddy always until I die side by side dear father God watch over us and all the people that do yoga with adriene and Benji amen

Jee Soo Shin

I wasn’t going to do this today but my 3 year old daughter insisted on doing yoga so here I am 🙂

I'm ur no1 fan

Day 12 done in my jamas, I didn't feel raring to go but I got it done 🙂 I think my hips are in good shape but my back is not, had to slow down a little today. I'm praying doing yoga will improve my back but it's early days, keeping optimistic. Ty Adriene xxx

Josefine Sonntag

the balancing act was fine in the beginning, but the longer we stayed, the more I wobbled. looking forward to mor of that

Hossein Hashempour

Thank you, teacher.

Jetta H

I am proud to say that I've made it thus far. This one is perhaps the most challenging yoga days (outside of the squatting with the yoga block).

Adrienne, I hope you can help with this question: With the balancing in Warrior 3 (whether I am on my left or right leg), am I suppose to feel pressure the hips?


Falling behind but I’ll get to day 30 on a few more weeks , than expected. Thank you for this series. Great work!

TheHunter 12207

can you put pose names in description? I want to know what some of these are actually called


three days in a row so far! my leg has been hurting for the past week for some strange reason (sitting or laying in the same position for an accumulated time of months i think) and at this moment i cant tell if the issue is solved, but it doesnt hurt right this second which is the first bit of relief ive had in a while so thats a pretty good reason to continue :¬) heck, since im behind anyway (like seven months lmao) i might as well just go ahead and do another one ;O

Delaine Allen

Really nice session. ♥️ Still need to work on my balance. 😂

Milena Dimić

This one felt the best so far. So relaxing, I loved it and I'll be back to it ❤

Crystal Rose

Thank you, Adriene! Just what I needed for a grey day. Love your show.

Sarah McLin

Boy did I need this one today. I love how you throw a couple of challenging moves in with the other more recovery movements. Today I felt exhausted and had to force myself onto the mat. I feel great now!

Soraia Hus

Thank you lovely Adriene. Namaste

Yeshwant Sridhar

My spine wants to tell you it's finished the12th day too!

Kelly B.

Oh, my, that was amazing! I have an old accident injury in my neck and it can be really tight and painful sometimes. It makes my whole back tight. But this wonderful yoga set from our dear Adriene has helped to unwind my body…on what was a bad day. Thank you, Adriene and YWA!


I keep telling myself that my balance will improve with practice and that tree pose will happen when I try it for the 43231006th time, but God, today's practice reminded me why I'm doing this on my own 😀


Looking forward to todays yoga, getting me off to a good start to this weekend! 😉


Good Morning / Afternoon Everyone! I have completed Day 12 and I can't tell you how badly this was needed. I work a desk job and I felt I gave my spine the love it so desperately needed and wanted 😛 But most importantly for today is to say Thank you to Adriene 🙂 Yoga has served as one of the best things I have ever done for myself. Especially as I was first exposed to a hot cardio intense yoga, but Adriene has helped me find a calmer and more fitting way. As she puts it, "Find your breathe."… Read more »

Silent Herald

I do not know what kind of tree I was during this day. Shivering willow? :/

Evelina Sjöberg

I have never followed a workout for this long, day 12 and I am still going strong!

Ritu Meena

I found it hard to balance. This one was most challenging. Shall be performed again and again till mastery.
Thank you!

Jeewanthi Wijesinghe

day 12 is done

Jay-Ram Rajendra

Hi friends! I just wanted to give love and healing energy to anyone who needs it today. I didn't have any kind of intense emotional feelings or "intellectual" breakthroughs today, but I think this is the result of either a calm mind…or a really tired one. Haha. I did practice a little early today along with the 6 min ab workout (that randomly auto-played after this session) and so I feel okay. I think the most difficult things today were the choices I had to make in terms of saying no to people, choosing not to eat a slice of… Read more »


I really can't do that downward facing dog variation with the twist, the sides of my hip just cramp up (gluteus medius, I guess). I'll come back to it later. For now, I'm pretty sure I saw a video for yoga for tired legs on the channel, so off to that, gonna do me good.