No está mal querer lucir bien en bikini, querer buscar ese fácil entrenamiento milagroso de playa y cuerpo, o simplemente desear que puedas perder ese exceso de grasa abdominal. Las manijas del amor, los panecillos o lo que quieras llamar a esa área de tu cuerpo pueden causar mucha frustración. Es el primer lugar donde la mayoría de nosotros aumentamos de peso y también el último.

Si desea resultados, debe aplicar dos reglas y cumplirlas:
Tienes que trabajar duro y comer limpio.

Como una dieta basada en plantas (sí, soy una chica vegana de fitness) que ayuda mucho y lo recomiendo encarecidamente. Pero el trabajo duro proviene de cada uno de nosotros … tienes que comprometerte todos los días con la idea de destruir esa parte superior del panecillo.

Gran libro para leer con este video: "Skinny Bitch" de Kim Barnouin, Rory Freedman
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Producción de video: Mark Spicoluk.

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muneera begum

you should make more 5 minute workouts, this is my favourite video, I do it everyday ❤


from 2015? Haha yeah I thought its a bit different but you made me laugh and its good for ABS too lol

sara rodríguez

I love her so much🥺♥️🤩


If this fit girl struggles a bit with this one, who am I to even try?? 😂

Chubbi Turtles

Lord…old school Julia was ruthless!

Lou Bruno

Yes it is a workout that gets that muffin top down!




You can't target where you burn fat, that is impossible. What you can do, is target where you build muscle.

David Chase

What ever a muffin top is she better keep it.

Fierce Ammo

Great body

It burnsssss!!! You are amazing❤️

Mad mechanic

Diet has 90% to do with it


Did she say „ welcome to this Sexercize…“?????!!!!! Hahahaha

yungkyoo woo

most sexy women sports! very nice!!!

Dennis Hartmann

My back hurts when I do the exercises where I have to lay on my back. What can i do?

Win ston

There's no such thing as spot fat loss


Her muffin.. yumm

Max Kiriakidis

Spot reducing fat loss is not possible
and is ethically wrong to promote that based on the big audience your channel might attract.

Jason Ingram

😇💙Beautiful shape n form💙😇

Tan Man

these little dorky excercises aren't why she looks like this people its genetics.

Kre4God Grace

🥰💕💕 She’s awesome

SavvTrav Calvin

Work out in general = Burn calories. Burn Calories=Losing some weight. This workout is purely about calorie burning and literally not a single thing to do with actual “muffin top” fat. Targeted Fat Loss, I.e. trying a workout targeting a specific area of the body specifically for fat loss in that specific region, simply doesn’t exist. Targeted Fat Loss philosophies are the first sign of a BAD personal trainer. Maybe we should listen to her TRAINER and NOT HER.

yash shakya

Excellent arm workout thankss

The Token Survivor

;8>O —


No one, and I mean not one viewer, watches this for fitness advice.

Chuck Nourrizzz

nice porn

Andrew A

I started doing these workouts and my right arm has really grown and toned up!

Ace Ventura

Oh I see a problem those clothes are to tight exercising you need 2 sizes bigger .
.rookie mistake , you wamt them almost falling off

Ghettodi nixoh

Damn succubus I'd sexercise with you all day!!
Till you sucked the "Life" out of me!
And i can happily die and rest in peace 🤤

B Rad

You know she loves pain when her only tattoo is on the inner tricep.


it's chandlers wild life!

uncle jemima

What about the 5 min titty destroyer?


Can I do this everyday or will it thicken my waist? Great workout 😍 I feel the burn every single time 🔥

Andy Simmons

Stop eating muffins=no more muffin top.

Alejandro Martinez

its a mix of planks and core activation. great routine!

Kirk Skermer

But…but…I love muffins! 😞

Fine, destroy away beautiful internet woman.

melvin mcmanus

Shared the video, thanks👍❤🥀🥀🥀

Aimee Ouellette

At first I was like, "What?! Not out in nature? This must be a new one!" But then I saw the date haha! The outdoor settings in something that really draws me to Boho Beautiful, but I still loved it. Julianna, you are such a beautiful and positive light, I think I would enjoy any video you do! I also love that you mention diet being the most important and how you mention that you are plant based without shaming those who do not follow that path.

smiley finally

I wish I could do the muff diving exercise with u