Estás invitado a unirte a mí y a personas de todo el mundo para practicar durante 30 días.

¡Prepárate para transformar la energía cansada en energía útil! Invita al cambio, llama al crecimiento y descubre tu propio ritmo único.

Trabaja tu cuerpo, abre tu mente y regresa a tu corazón.

Tendrás un entrenamiento, ganarás conciencia.

Esté preparado para no solo ver, sino también sentir resultados masivos.

        prestar atención
        construcción muscular
        Cultivar la estabilidad de las articulaciones
        mejora de la función corporal
        mayor claridad mental
        estimulante energía estancada
        resolviendo el estrés
        sintonizando tu ritmo natural

Es gratis. Todo ello. No hay trampa. Sin fecha de vencimiento. Ir para leer todos los detalles, dedicar y REGÍSTRATE!

¡Comparte con tus amigos y familiares durante las vacaciones! ¡Haz que todos participen! Cuantas más personas practiquen yoga, mejor.

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¡Hazte miembro de FWFG YOGA!
Prueba gratuita de 7 días con más de 35 horas de videos exclusivos + todos mis cursos digitales.

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Obtenga su calendario de yoga GRATIS:

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Anonymous Goob

You are so pleasant to watch

Ellie Clayton

I did 30 days of yoga, then True, and now I'm starting Dedicate tomorrow.

Anthony Leary

Better late than never, thank you so much for what you do. Excited to Dedicate to this 30 days even I'm starting here February 4th 2020.


i am so ready to start it right after HOME journey

Cheryl Fisher

Hi. I am so sorry I missed this. Is there anyway I can start with you and move along aside you and your team. Is there somewhere I can catch up. Please.i have just completed your beginners course then saw this one. I clearly am son so late LOL but would love to continue the journey with you.

Margot Lemaire

Hi Adriene, after completing the 30 day yoga journey I am coming back to say THANK YOU ! Your videos are the perfect way to start the day and feel grounded for the rest of the day. As for many others, your videos helped me "blossom" again, in times I wasn't feeling that good. Thanks for bringing so much good energy to the world 🙂

Cheryl Landry

Hi just beginning, hoping to be able to do posses easier as I try everyday, really new to this, I have to get motivated.

Anna Voytenko

I'm so grateful for everything you and your team are doing for this channel. Thank you for this amazing opportunity to have amazingly elaborated, guided, heartwarming and comforting yoga practices just one click away. Adriene, you're so natural and thoughtful, I love that, everybody loves that, that's why your channel attracts a lot of people. I've been following you for 2 years and I still can't stop admiring the way you approach your audience, the way you give them space. It's so pleasing to watch somebody being themselves. It helps people relax and find themselves. I've enjoyed this journey so… Read more »

Andrea Wines

I’m not sure if this has already been discussed, but where was the setting for this yoga challenge? Beautiful space and scenery! 😍

Hema Sharma

Namaste Adriene !! I m your big fan…. I love yoga and wait for your video of Yoga flows.

Sphiwe Luwe

Just found this, will truly try it out.

Oya Z.

This one is precious to me. I was living in the countryside at this time, with almost no internet acces, so I used the downloadable version that you proposed on your website (at the price I could afford at this time) => and I discovered how much "dedicate" could feel good. Thanks to you & your team for the healthy support you brought me since this time.

Seeing that much devotion to yoga in foreigners,, I feel really ashamed to be indian,,,, I was such a fool that didn't recognize this


I really really hope that you’ll make a new yoga journey in 2020 (the sooner the better). Thank you for everything you do 🥰

Huang Yizhou

Hi Adriene, I just finished your 30-day journey for the second time! Thank you so much for this. Love from Vancouver. Namaste. 🙂

Sal Gordillo

Thank you so much AdrieneBenji you’re my dog

Ray Jeun-A-Loek

Hey my Darling Friend. Greetings from close to one of the jungles of the Amazone!!! I was in search of restoring my Self back in 2016… Yes you have heard this story a zillion times, and stumbled on your 30 days of yoga… and the rest is history… almost on a daily basis doing yoga now, had a year guidance from and Indian Yogi (sponsored by the Indian Embassy here), and I could keep up with the "advanced class" thanks to you… More importantly from time to time I get back to you. Your playlist is very easy to follow… Read more »

Anne Bland

Hi Adrienne I have spent the last week completing the twenty minutes of beginners yoga daily. I am 51 and in recovery from a knee replacement so I figured I might not cope with a daily session. I cannot tell you how great it has been, I can do so much more than I imagined and repeating the sequence gave me confidence and illustrated how much progress I can make. I am now committing to dedicate and I am going to Greece sailing in a week so I will be taking you and my yoga mat along. Thanks for the… Read more »

Mary Parsons

How do I sign up for dedicate? I love your yoga 🧘🏻‍♀️

kristy poulton

Adriene, you are very natural, genuine and nurturing. I believe you have a gift that many people do not have. So many yoga teachers that show off, want to prove a point etc..Keep on keeping on. You have made my life better, my mind and body are in a different space. Well done and thank you. xxx

Julie Shanklin

Adriene, Loving Dedicate and day 5 was wonderful Feeling amazing and blessed Thank you


I've been doing your yoga videos since I was in the seventh grade, and I'm now going into my senior year. I'm always telling people to try yoga when they're feeling down, because it helped me get through soooo much. This will be the first actual yoga "challenge" that I'll be doing, so I hope I can stay committed. Thank you ❤


I've never been one for yoga but I this has won me over somewhat to be honest, I'm going to give it my all and with great interest I accept your very generous invitation.

Missy Tria

Adriene – Where do you buy your yoga outfits? Mostly the tops, I love that they do not get in your way/fall over your face and head when you bend over, yet are not skin tight.

imen hamdi

Finished True. Starting Dedicate tomorrow. Namaste!

Michelle Watson

So I did this in January and loved it, I'm now ready for a re-boot so starting day one again today. Thank you Adriene 🙏😍

Hannah B

Starting this TODAY. Love your videos and excited to start my new practice and journey.

Banana Bob

Why is it special more than the others?

Phoebe Osborne

Starting this today 🙂

Maysa Andrade

Adriene, you bring us light and peace to our hearts and minds. Thank you so much for sharing this lessons with us S2

Y Erdogru

Dear AdrieneI started following your 30-day programs a while back. It was a wonderful opportunity to be able to do yoga at home, at my convenience. It was also surprising to see how I wanted to go back to it every day, since I'm not into sports at all! To be honest, Dedicate felt a bit tough, so I did try some other teachers on YouTube, but it never felt as comforting or joyful. I think it's your positive energy that calls me back to the mat every day, so now I'm back to Dedicate, however tough it may be.… Read more »