Bienvenido a tu práctica del Día 22 ¡Dedícate! La sesión de yoga de construcción de fuerza de 22 minutos de hoy atrae nuestra atención al principio de Sthira o estabilidad.

¿Puedes moverte de una manera que sea fuerte y alerta sin empujar, forzar o crear tensión?

Condiciona el cuerpo y la mente para cultivar la estabilidad sin tensión y para desarrollar fuerza sin dolor.

Recordatorio profesional: este concepto funciona tanto dentro como fuera de su colchoneta.

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Yoga With Adriene

Hello Dedicate fam!
You don’t need to sacrifice love for self and truth – for a “good body"!
Your body is already good, let’s work for it instead of on it.
Be disciplined about THAT.
It requires both mind and body conditioning.
After all, what is the point of having a “good body” if you are still looking in the mirror and not knowing or loving who you see?

Harley Barton

I've been going out of order and doing yoga by myself but I'm on day 55!

Diana Stanciu

This one was awesome for me. I was trembling so much in side plank but I managed to find my focus, to be steady. I wasn't muscling through, and that is why I love yoga with Adriene. In a life where things change all the time, I find that if I have my health, yoga is my constant.

ks rez

Thank you ❤

Amelia Diaz

I started dedicate this year and I love it!!! Today it was challenging I felt a lot of pain in my wrists 😔 but I’ll be back tomorrow

Alyssa Walters

First: my very high energy dog, Buddy, LOVES you. Lays quietly, calmly listening to your voice…which is NOT the routine when I try to practice yoga sans Adrienes voice. Second: when you say “hey buddy” to Benj, he BELIEVES you’re talking to him with the same show of pleasure/excitement as the small child who believed Mr. Rogers was speaking directly to her through the tv. That’s some kinda energy you got there! On behalf of both of us, THANK YOU.

Chris Hall Jr.

Day 22 y'all i'm so excited!


Now finishing Day 22 – Steady 7:30 am Sat Dec 7, 2019. I commit to completing these last 10 Dedicate Journey days ASAP. I took 3 days off, as my morning routine is pretty big, me being a writer and student of A Course In Miracles, and all.

Gina Rogers-Santos

6th month Day 22! Been off of yoga due to Thanksgiving and family in the house. Feels amazing to get back to me!!! Thanks, Adriene!

Ranjani Pammi

This practice helped me so much tonight. I’ve been sick the entire day, but I still did it at 10:30 PM. You’re voice really encouraged me to keep my plank going. Thank you to the entire community!! ❤️

Vincent HF

loved this session <3

Skinny Roy

I feel like I'm on the journey to becoming a Jedi!

Ms Tellington

Am I the only one who couldn't do a side plank? I hurt my wrists during the first supported side planks and had to wait out the last ones because it hurt too much…

Sal Gordillo

Love you with all my heart adriene my dog Benji forever it never dies amen

rehab riad

love Adriene so much challenging today … thank you


I kept collapsing during this practice, and every time i did, i said, "I can't do this," but i went on and did it anyway. I was shaking so much, and still collapsed, but i finished it off. Yay for me! Namaste, everyone

Evie Thayne

I laughed when she said to take this strength to the rest of our day. The rest of my day is mowing, but I'm glad I got this strength and relaxation today from my activities from yesterday. Always amazing!

Wonderland Dream

Day 22, before I couldn’t hold a plank on both sides for that long, but today I did it💜

Wonderland Dream

Day 22, before I couldn’t hold a plank on both sides for that long, but today I did it💜

Tayyibah Haleem

Those side planks 😭

Jules Thomas

The tension of the day has melted away and I’m feeling calmer and relaxed. Everyday is of a journey of self discovery and wonder with Adrienne. I love the way how my body and mind feels can’t wait for tomorrow’s practice.

Mikael Kolozsy

Late to this challenge but omg I love the idea of steady focused energy without tension. Frictionless is such an amazing thing to strive for thank you for introducing this to me

Gina Rogers-Santos

5th time on Day 22! Great practice! Still so hard for me to do the hand side pose, but I used the kickstand and will get there. Thanks, Adriene!

Thulani Mbombo

That was really good. I broke such a sweat today

Dexter Rosario

Today was the most challenging day so far for me. I had a difficult time with side plank and smearing that honey (my wrists felt like jelly after the first posture!) even still I was steady Of mind and body followed! Happy to say that I stuck with it and didn’t have to pause the video! Namaste all!! Bring on Day 23!!!

Julia Avila

I value this time so much, you have no idea💜

michelle llewellyn

This is my second 30 day challenge with you! I finally felt comfortable enough to go to a hot yoga class in my city and felt so amazing. You have taught me so much. I heard your voice throughout the entire practice. “If you fall, don’t worry we will catch you”. I’m so thankful for you Adriene! <3

Asish Joshi

Day 22 was again a good experience… balancing side ways was fun. You are awesome. Thanks for Day 22 Adriene ! 🙂

Gina Rogers-Santos

4th time on day 22! Yay! This one was tough on my wrist. Some days not bad but some days still hurts my wrist.

sarah kaushik

I missed my practice yesterday because of work, resumed today and almost gave up halfway with the side-planks and then dragged my ass back to finish the practice!! YAY!

William B

Day 22! Oh no, the music started playing. Sure I have to get to work and my arms are tired, but I still did not want this one to end.


It’s August 27, 2019. I’ve been so so good with this journey. I started on July 31st and have done yoga every single day since, however this past week I took the time to stop and reflect. I noticed myself simply “doing the yoga” instead of actually practicing and being mindful of my body. So after a week of no yoga, I’m happy to say that I’m now back and ready to finish the journey. Dedicated. ✊🏼✨😇

prashanth chotu

Mam what to do after completion of a 30 day yoga journey


20:15 Can you read my mind? That’s exactly what I was thinking. At times I discourage myself when something doesn’t feel right and i seem not to be able to do things how I’m supposed to but then there’s you encouraging me again.
Thank you!

Vivian Haulrik

Thank you.. very lovely as always… tonight I noticed that I can somehow breath much deeper and longer than I could 3 weeks ago… and I now mainly use this bit loud yoga breath which works really well for me :-)… HAPPY WEEKEND and Namaste Sweet A..

Carla the Destructor

This one kicked my butt but I made it to the end! I started following YWA in March and I'm thankful I did.

Jordan Fuentes

This one whooped my butt today, I tell ya what! Awesome session today though. Ready to keep a steady demeanor through whatever challenges I'll face today. Thank you as always Adriene!

Nadia Nanette

I loved the alternate version of side plank!! It made it possible for me to really fall into that posture, without hurting my wrists! Thank you! I learn something new every day with this practice! 🖤🖤

משפחת מהרט

Oh man wrists are dead! But gonna keep practice

Idalis Molkera Ibrahim

adriene 😂 yesterday i was appreciating how "spreading the honey" has helped me integrate instead of half-assing in side twists since its original introduction… i still get a laugh out of it whenever i encounter a twist 😂😂

katrina kelly



Dat Dandasana Doe! Feel as though I just grew a few spiritfull inches, if you know what I'm mean! 💓

Tamara Fletcher

I am doing Dedicate now. I left this practice feeling despondent, which hasn't happened to me before with yoga, and I was feeling fine going in. Everyone seemed to struggle with side plank but its dandasana. There is no modification that makes this ok for me and I can't even see how to work towards it. I just cannot sit with my back in anything but super curved with my legs to the front no matter how bent – so it can't just be my tight hamstrings – although they are (I can sit straight cross legged). Blocks don't seem… Read more »

Anna Helena

This was (also) amazing! Your voice guides me so good, makes me believe I can do and also DO things I was not sure I was strong enough to.

Avery Klein

forever grateful for these practices. thank you so much! 💜