Lo pasamos muy bien en Los Ángeles. Gracias a todos los que vinieron a entrenar con nosotros y a todos en YouTube Space LA que lo hicieron posible. Esperamos que disfrutes este video, ¡avísanos si quieres ver más como este!

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Trina Olin

Awww you guys rock and deserve every bit of fame you get. Seriously, thank you SO much for providing us with your videos. The best!!!!!

Emilie Fry

Come to Ottawa!!! Us Canadians would love to see you guys!!


Kelli, you look a lot alike Simone Simons from the band Epica(symphonic metal band). The resemblance is insane.😃

Leah Marie

I love these two!!!!


not sure why this video popped up on recommendations. I watched it again. it's interesting how you both look a little different outside the usual white background. Daniel looks taller and more muscular. Kelli is stunning. did I read it right, 5 million subscribers now? wow, that's quite an achievement guys. congrats.The other day my 5 year old son pulled out my exercise mat. Got my Roku remote out and I said what are you doing? he said I have to work out. I'm putting on fitnessblender. And he did! I wasn't sure what I was more impressed by, that… Read more »

Somal Chaudhary

Guys when is the next meet up?


I donno why im crying as im watching this video.. i wouldve cried if i could see Kelli n Daniel standing in front of my eyes.. i wouldve hugged Kelli so hard.. i am where i am now bcoz of Fitness Blender. I see Kelli everyday for an hour and Kelli has helped me lose weight. I love Fitness Blender. Tq Kelli. Tq Daniel.

Gloria Varese


jau boons

They're so cool lmaoo I love them he he

Chandra Sekhar Kandi

Daniel is very hard work and genuine person.

Andrea Gomez

Feeling bummed. You guys were a couple miles from my house and I missed you!!! 😭😭 I discovered Fitness Blender channel later that year. Come back to LA!!!


I love this workout meetup. Can you come to more cities? Boston, maybe? 🙂

helen zambrana

I love you guys.

Prisca Nemger

Gorgeous couple


you need to do this again!!

Dee Ron

You guys need to come to London, England. Pretty pleasèeee.


if i met you guys is cry…. ive been working out with you for 5 years… youve changed my life



sparkybadass 777

Why did this make me cry.. Wow.. I've been working out with you for a year and half.. Your a big part of my life and you deserve to be honoured.

Sashauna Dixon

I teared up watching this videos because these guys changed my life. I am so grateful to them!!

lemon snout

Im gonna die😍😍😍 2:34 WAY TOO CUTE!

Kalliopi Siv

Great job Kelli and Dan! Thanks for encouraging and educating people online through fitness blender 😀 love the workouts x

isa block

I started crying lol

White Moon

You are amazing 💜

Sonia dembani

beautifull couple..

Jana Budimir

Your videos make me wanna be a better, healthier version of myself. I hate videos where there are 5 minute long intros and workouts aren't properly explained. Your videos have it all. Thank you guys 🙈

Deandra Brown

I've been subscribed to you guys since about 2010 & you were a major help to losing 60 lbs when I was 14. So happy to see your channel expand & watch you gain success like you have. You deserve it! 🎉🎊


I love you guys! When I started working out a few years back (I gave up after awhile), Kellie's videos was a reliable resource for my workouts. Once I lost 7kg though, I quit and I piled the weight back on. Now, I'm planning to lose weight sustainably. Thanks for the inspiration – you guys are a wonderful couple.

Rachel Hough

You folks seem like the most humble in the fitness industry, without all the bells and whistles. You make fitness accessible with a lot of variety. Thank you for keeping it free, thank you for showing all of us we don't have to buy product after product to be healthy people and thank you for showing us you don't have to be perfect to be happy! Thank you for your time and effort, you guys rock so hard. Your success is well earned and genuine. Much love.

Aisha Khan

U both look soooooo cute together… love u both

Shani Nicole

why am i so emotional though?! I'm crying!! actual tears!! i love you fitness blender!!!!

Vesela Simeonova

What I love the most is that BOTH you and your fans are real, normal people! So precious and kinda hard to find on the internet…

Lotti Sommer

This makes me want to meet them once in my life so badly! You've created such a great and positive community an I'm very proud to be part of it 🙂


That backstage kiss 😭😭😭

Chanel Hague

This got me in the feelz! Y'all have helped me tremendously since I started working out along with you. Your verbal coaching during workouts has improved my form and made me realize that I've been making some mistakes in basic moves for years! I ADORE that you keep your material free and/or extremely affordable. But the cherry on top is definitely how good natured and real y'all are. I seriously can't get enough, so thank you for all you do and please keep it coming!

joselinne arias

You guys are so inspirational! ! Love it!! God bless your marriage & work!!! Amazing!

Irene Virginia Lobos

I workout with your videos 3 times a week. Hoping i will have Kelly's flat abs someday! (My butt is already "workout is complete" :D)

bayan ibrahim

are they dating?

Mariah MC

Can u plz guys come over to New Zealand plzzz u guys r the best and I love all ur videos ❤❤😘


1:02 Kelli: HOw am I suppose to eat clean in this restaurant…?