Todo a nuestro alrededor comenzó con intención. Una idea. Y luego el acto de creación. Comenzamos un proyecto hace casi un año. Y seguro que pensamos que se haría antes, pero aprendimos que todas las cosas toman el tiempo que van a tomar, siempre y cuando no te rindas. Encontrar paciencia, motivación y perseverancia es el proceso creativo … y este blog es otro paso hacia nuestro producto final.

¡Este blog es para anunciar la creación de Boho Beautiful In 10 Days! Un programa transformador de mente y cuerpo que sabíamos que teníamos que hacer para ustedes. Realmente esperamos que cuando finalmente lleguemos allí, te afecte de la manera positiva que esperamos que pueda.

Además, estamos planeando los próximos seis meses de viaje para nosotros. Y estamos bastante seguros de que necesitamos las experiencias de más personas en todo el mundo para ayudarnos a encontrar nuevos lugares que no sabemos que existen y que serían perfectos para nuestro canal y nuestro viaje personal. Estamos pidiéndoles consejo a ustedes de todo el mundo. 🙂

Gracias a todos de antemano.

Mucho amor,

Mark y Juliana

————————————————– ————————————————– —

¡Muchas gracias por mirar y suscribirse a nuestro canal!
¡Vamos a conectarnos!

————————————————– ——————————————-
Filmada en Koh Kut, Tailandia.

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Jose Ribot

Nicely done Missa

Earth Angel

Cape town for the winnn!! Im from cape town and can honestly say its one of the most beautiful places in the world. You guys should definetly come here!

Christy Myers

Im in Page, AZ and its gorgeous…right on the Colorado river….great places here for gorgeous yoga and travel blog videos!! Come in March/April or after summer for less tourists

Vikideivi vikideivi

Latvia-Jurmala/Sigulda/Liepaja 👍☺️

Angéla Demeter

Have you ever thought of going to Transylvania? 🙂

Toni Myers

Love watching your videos. Sending hugs and positive vibes from the UK. xox

Simone Obermeier

I would LOVE to see you in Germany or Austria one day! I can recommend Bavaria (lake "Chiemsee" 😍 where I grew up) or Tirol in Austria! Full of mountains, beautiful lakes and special people. If you're starting from Innsbruck (in Austria) there are plenty of hidden places with breathtaking views to reach ❤
Lots of love and appreciation from someone deeply thankful from Germany ☺❤❤

Terezie Baňková

Thank you so much. Your videos are full of inspiration and faith… Thanks for that 😌😌…
Btw… Is here somebody from Czech Republic?? ☺️

April Gilbertson

Hi! From Portland Oregon which has amazing places you could shoot. Also the US and British Virgin Islands I think are the most beautiful area in the world. 🌴 I used to live there and know some tucked away spots that would be an amazing place for a video. Thank you so much for doing this. You guys inspire me and it has encouraged me to practice everyday! Today I am starting to notice a big improvement 🙏

Zane Lapsa

Come to Latvia 🇱🇻 😉 you can film your beautiful workout videos in moss carpeted pine forests 😇Thank you for sharing ❤️

Arvind kumar

your job is super ………………………..i sulute you n

Mae Hynes

Hello from the Bay Area in California! I love your videos and what you are doing. Glacier National Park is an awesome park in the US for a shorter trip, if you haven't been there it's beautiful!

Léa David

France has amazing landscape if you go outside of Paris !

Léa David

Oh my god I found what I want for Christmas this year ! This dvd looks amazing !


Absolutely inspiring beautiful people. If you are looking for somewhere to go next I would recommend the Cook Islands Rarotonga. I travelled the world when I was 16 years old and as much as I enjoyed so many places the Cook Islands was my favourite place. But for me it was the place i found peace within myself. When we arrived early hours of the morning it was dark and we stayed up to watch the sunrise. As it got lighter we slowly noticed the stunning surroundings appear right in front of us. The water crystal clear aqua blue, the… Read more »

jen chapman

England!! in north norfolk ❤


I know I am late here! But you guys have to go to Dominica one day. It's unique in the caribbean and should fit you!

dorothea mähner

Obernberger See, Österreich

Anthi Iliopoulou

I am a follower for a while , you have really unique life, I think many of us world secretly like to try it! Or not secretly! he Yoga and Pilates videos as well, as very good, I do one every week and Like them all! I hope this helps!

Leslie Lopez

I love your channel😎🌱🍌🍅💪🏻🍓🍏 guys😘💚