Entrenamiento completo de piernas explicado. ¡Este entrenamiento se centra en los isquiotibiales y los glúteos, pero, por supuesto, también se centrará en los quads!

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EJERCICIO | 4 juegos
4 sentadillas de sumo
4 sentadillas de sumo pulsantes

EJERCICIO | 3 juegos
8 sentadillas separadas con barra o con mancuernas
repetir en otra pierna

SUPERSET | 3 juegos
8-10 postura dividida DL – pierna recta y peso muerto rumano
repetir en otra pierna
10 sentadillas de copa de sumo para el peso muerto de la pierna recta de sumo

SUPERSET | 2 juegos
5 estocada de máquina smith
repetir en otra pierna
5 sentadillas de postura cerrada.

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Kate C


Moon flower

your body is my goal !!


Are split squats with the barbell under the legs that different than if I did it with the barbell on my shoulders? I tried doing the split squat with the barbell but it felt uncomfortable with the bar hitting my legs and glutes.

Abigael Martinez

If I held a plate under my legs for the split squats would it have the same effect as the barbell?

Jenn Espi

How much weight are you using?

EIzabeth brown

How much weight are you using?

Brandi Handres

Girrrrlll. Killer workout 👏👏👏👏

Jelena Mocnik

My absolute fave workout by far. Extremely effective!!

A Nicole

This is so amazing and just got me motivated to get back into hard leg days!! Thanks so much for sharing this content! <3

Mountain Life

Whitney, I'm still not comfortable using a barbell, could I use a weighted dumbbell for the first exercise sumo squats and pulsing sumo squats?

Tatiana L

Just finished this. Felt fine at first, now I’m currently crawling up the stairs. 🙃🙃 Good workout.👍🏽😂

Katrina Dworschak

Is there a difference between sumo and goblet positions?

Rhesa O'Brien

Omg your my body goal

Ted Morgan

Do you recommend doing the same glute work out (lets say this one) for 3-4 weeks in a row OR switch it up?

Serina softball

What about calves? Do you work those in any why

Stephanie Tanner, RN

Pretty sure this is your best leg circuit. I’ve done it twice and I’m about to hit it again tomorrow and I feel like I get THE BEST work in on my glutes!! Gonna stick with this for a few more weeks!

Jacen Starheart

Fantastic Job! 👍👍💯

Lacey garrett

Can’t wait to do this workout next butt/ leg day

Abby Chen

Hi Whit! When doing sumo goblet squat, my low back is sore just by doing 1set, is it normal or I my pose it wrong?

Sherry Dufrenne

Love this work out, love you. Thank you. I am super sad that these leggings were sold out in all the sizes except for extra small help anybody where can I get these?

Lauren Nadeau

I did this workout this morning and almost didn’t do the last set on the smith machine because it scares me, but I pushed myself to do it and finished the workout!!! Thanks for being such an inspiration 👏🏼 luh u, gurl 💛

Jasmine Sunflower

Doing this right now at home. Barely halfway through the barbell split squats and I’m already dying.


Does anyone know if we rest after doing a set of sumo squats/pulses??.

Katie S

Just did this workout! it’s KILLER!


Anyone else’s back hurts when doing Sumo goblet sumo straight

Don Witty

I really love yr most of yr workout. U really inspires me, as a trainer

Jessica Violet

I hit a plateau in my hammies and this definitely hit them hard! finally feel the burn in them after i did this workout!

Dawn Martin

hi whit I once heard you mention something about your gymnastic days i too am a gymnast I am 48 and can still do some stuff like a backward walk over and front can you do one of your moves that you may still be able to do on one of your videos perhaps an areal or backward handspring?

Athena's Pack Pet Sitting

So I just finished this workout and 🔥🔥🔥🍑🍑🍑😍😍😍This has DEMOLISHED me in the most superb way lol. I'm feeling muscles that I've never quite felt before. Definitely gonna keep these as one of workouts for glute/leg day. Thanks for sharing it Whitney!! 💪🍑


Dude this leg workout demolished me! I was sore for days. Thank you


Currently: @ the gym following this routine 😭🔥 I’m can’t complete a superset☹️ but I know with practice soon 😏😏

Jenn Molina

Lordddd I didnt even do all of the exercises she showed and man 2 days later I’m still super sore. 😫😫

Tasha Adolph

I wuv uuuuuu ❤🔥🔥🔥

Clare Butler

Love those split stance RDL’s 🔥🍑

Michelle Poirier

Girl your workouts kill me! Did your upper body the other day and couldn’t lift my arms for two days! Just finished this workout using 10 -20 lbs and I’m shaking!!! Thanks for the amazing routines xo

Angela Parker

You’re changing my life girl! Love your workouts!!


My gym doesn’t have barbells I could use . Is there something else I can do for the sumo squats for weight

Christophe Angeli

Quel est l’interêt ?

The King


Clara M

Just did this workout and it was fire! Love you Whit!