Masaje de tejido profundo versus técnicas de terapia de masaje sueco, Jen Hilman Austin Rub Back
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Cómo hacer una parada de manos! # Principiantes # Soporte de mano de entrenamiento, #Flexibilidad, Gimnasia Siga en casa

¡El entrenador Joy te enseña a hacer una parada de manos! Siga esta rutina de ejercicios y estiramientos para mejorar la flexibilidad en la espalda, ¡ideal para gimnastas y porristas!

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Soporte atlético de desgaste de cobre

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¡Consigue tu escorpión! Tutorial de estiramiento de flexibilidad de gimnasia, siga la rutina de entrenamiento en casa

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3 months ago

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hany aly
3 months ago

Perfect 👌

Debora’s World
3 months ago

Thumbs up for self taught dancer

ariana grande is my favorite singer

Omg it worked!! WOW

Alyvia Colley
3 months ago

i can’t even do the hollow body with my arms up let alone a real handstand

Chelsy Egboh
3 months ago

I know how to do a handstand

Hilda Mensah
3 months ago

I tried but my granny came in not in time so I couldn't continue because she said I shouldn't put .y leg on the wall

3 months ago

doing handstand is bedroom
Head bashes head

It_Be Gacha
3 months ago

Sorry to say what shes doing makes you fall on your head

Nafisa Lubna
3 months ago

When you literally scared to fall down…..

Izabel Tamayac
3 months ago

I am 13 andy sister is 6, we want to know what is best to help us learn gymnastics, can you help us?

Chatham home Walker
3 months ago

How do this help us????

Bad Girl
3 months ago

I know how to do a cart wheel but I don’t know how to do a handstand it was so scary and I thought I was going to fall but I will because the handstand was to SCARY!!! I wish I could do the handstand and I try to do it without the yoga to see if I could balance but I fell on my bottom but it didn’t hurt 👩🏻 bye 👋

Bad Girl
3 months ago

I was going to do the headstand but I was so scared

3 months ago

I can't believe you can do that you are the best person

olga popa
3 months ago

i broke my body after this

soso A
3 months ago

I’m 8 I’m learning myself at school and home it was easy to do her excessise and I did it 💗💗💗thanks to this woman who teaches us

Roseann Roudette
3 months ago

Can you come and teach me to to a back band

Emmy Avery
3 months ago

When you talk about it, it makes me feel more comfortable.

Emily Nelson 2021
3 months ago

Can u show us how to do a full out? Two flips and a twist?

Premax Gt
3 months ago

For the one who's afraid to let go of the wall..try it on a Bed

Kavita Bhatt
3 months ago

Are you wasting time????

Bethany Steelfeather
3 months ago


J Carr
3 months ago

nice i like the color of the leo nice and shiny, keep up the good work.

namjoons thighs
3 months ago

welp instead of doing all this i just throw myself on the floor hope for the best.. it works out sometimes but i can't keep balance lol

Calvin Ready
3 months ago

Can you do more like the round ofd

The S
3 months ago

Joy is lovely

Bunny Chocolate
3 months ago

Love you I was waiting for me to do a hand stand since l was seven

Jaguars 101
3 months ago

I can't do it 😭😔😔😭😭😭😭😭😔😔😔😭

jaelin palonpon
3 months ago


jaelin palonpon
3 months ago

i now how to do a handstand bur almost

kate Tordilla
3 months ago

me: 1:41
my mom comes ro my room
mom: oh hell naw (phone rings) hello 911

Jennie kim
3 months ago

I know how to do a handstand because I'm flexible 😂

Poppy Malfoy
3 months ago

I was practising this outside and it started raining 😂😂😂😂

Станислав Черчесов

Think the Best Tutorial ive seen

Keisha Cooks
3 months ago


Pramela Devarajulu
3 months ago

Thanks for helping me with the handstand

Ashwarrea B
3 months ago

OMG!!!! I'M DOING IT!!!!!!!!!!! THANKS! 👍

souplesse gym
3 months ago

Me :its for baby i can do it like a pro
………mom i can't stand-up help my spine is broke

Gabrielle Mccann
3 months ago

It is wayyyyyyyy easier to do a handstand facing the wall

Ahmad Almulhem
3 months ago


Mumtaz Kahiye
3 months ago

Tank you for your Help

Natayah Burnett
3 months ago

Thumbs up if you like gymnastics

Jesus Botello
3 months ago

What happends if were not strong onoghf

Quesha s' Roblox
3 months ago

i kept on trying but kept on failing 🙁

i kept on bumping my head on the floor

Gautam Sen Gupta
3 months ago


Niyah W
3 months ago

I already know how to do gymnastics and how to do a handstand so I'm good all the time

YarniEli :3
3 months ago

Better way: Handstand on a wall and keep the position and then use your hands to move one by one. I tried it when I i was little I did it for like 5 seconds. After s few deep stories I got depression and never did it again except for just a few months ago