Este es un video tutorial rápido sobre cómo hacer un soporte para la cabeza compatible, Sirsasana. Una guía detallada paso a paso para dominar tu propio headstand.

Recomiendo encarecidamente que comience con un muro detrás de usted para darle más confianza al principio o incluso mejor que alguien lo ayude con su equilibrio. Sé paciente, mantente fuerte y desafía a tu cuerpo de una manera nueva.



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Boho Beautiful

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Love & Light… Juliana & Mark*

Bowlage Guy

you gotta pretty house


Wow all my life I've been putting weight on my head. Putting it on my forearms definitely feels 10X better.


It's beautiful… Can you make similar difficult asanas seperate small videos..

valéry burton

me trying to do a headstand
*5 minutes later

freak out because i'm upside down and fell

Nyangu Mbewe

Love your videos ♥️ please make a video on how to do a fore arm stand for beginners


For how long we should do headstand, I mean max permissible Time?.
I am 63 years doing it for 3.30 mins on inversion stool .Pls guide .

Nadia Desroches

I learned a nice trick about this pose: before grasping your hands, you just grab your elbows, than you have the right distance between your elbows (makes a triangle) that when you grap your hands, it is easier to make the head stand

It'sabeauty- fulthing

old vid but the true talent (aside from the earned strength) is being able to talk during these positions lol

Manasi Pawar

You should do a video on sequence like few exercices to do if u r à beginner few for next step when u master them n SO on

Surekha Verma

Hey, I really appreciate your tutorials. I love practicing with you. Can you please do a detailed tutorial on forearm balance? I've been struggling a lot with them. Thanks.

Tiya Achour

Please can you heart this and can you do a handstand tutorial


The tutorial itself is good, though it`s indoor. But what`s wrong with subtitles? They are too short and too quick to read and same time to focus on exercise to do. Please re-set the subtitles.

Maria Zhokhova

Juliana, thank you so much for your amaizing videos! I've never done a headstand before but with your help it took only three attemps to do it! Love :-*

Sherni Bibi

Hello boho you are simply amazing but I want to share my problem with you Its being 4yrs now that I'm doing yoga of all levels but headstand handstand i couldn't do I can do crow pose bird of paradise and many more but I want to gain benefits of this pose too plz share some easy way to do this pose

S Guary

I'm not even going to lie… inversions are among the top 5 reasons I'm building my core strength. I just want to meditate upside down. 😂 great tutorial. Blessings.

Sophia Arif Hussain

I am gonna love your channel

Brigette Spring

PLEASE do more inversions flows!! Your yoga and pilates classes are how I work out every day – I've been using your videos and following you for over two years and going back to some of my favorites often, and now and I am finally getting stronger and more advanced with difficult postures. I would LOVE if you could do more advanced yoga videos that include more inversions and difficult postures. I have done the few advanced videos you have many times and am aching for more!!!

Diana F.

I freaking love you!! I’ve been trying to make a headstand for my whole life and NEVER BEEN CLOSE to make it! Today I actually felt all my weight lining up on my elbows and it felt AWESOME!! This is so going to be an everyday workout for me from now on. I didn’t even use a wall!! Sure I wasn’t confident enough to keep all of my weight aligned for a long time, but still! It’s my first time. Thank you thank you thank you for this video! ❤️❤️ lots of love.

Sofia Zdobnikova

Thanks to your tutorial I finally can do a headstand version one)) will practice more and learn how to do a version two
Thank you guys a lot!!!


God damn, i'm ok with splits, dancer pose, bird of paradise…. But still have trouble with headstand !!

neha goyal

Bcz of you I tried headstand first time n I was able to do it. Thanks so much Juliana