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¡Cómo hacer los estiramientos de fracturas! Tutorial de flexibilidad y entrenamiento para porristas, ballet, clases de yoga

En este video, Jen Hilman ofrece un tutorial y estiramiento para mostrarle cómo hacer las divisiones. Este video lo ayudará a obtener sus divisiones rápidamente al aumentar su flexibilidad. Este es un entrenamiento para principiantes para gimnasia, porristas, ballet, danza o yoga.

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MG Phoenix

Jen you are awesome 👏🏾. I have most of your stretching and yoga videos. Very insightful and has helped me a beginner. Thanks 🙏🏿


Enjoyed this stretch my body feels much better

Ahmed Dahir

Great I enjoy Your videos and they transformed my flexibility and workout to a greater extent

Haylee Schreiber

Hi Jen! I love your videos!
I wanted to know, during the standing splits, are you opening up your hips at the top or squaring them? I wasn't sure, but I could definitely get higher if I opened up my hips! Thanks so much, I can already tell this is really benefiting me!

Tracy Heath

This is a very helpful video for me with my artistic skating…. mohawks, spread eagles etc… thank you

Dana Mclemore

Been doing the splits with yuo for years…in my 40s and can still get them…that is IF I stretch every day. Love psychetruth and usually criticize harshly when videos don't feature Donnie. BUT you are so cool! Thanks…you have really helped me maintain my splits.The youtube videos on splits are pretty low quality save PSYCHEtruth!

lucy placencio

I need help with my split

MMaster xx

X cheerleadind

Katie Myers

5 years later and I have all my oversplits but I love this video so much I keep following it! Love it

Aurore Le Du

thanks Jen you are an amazing teacher! I watch your videos for back pain and sciatica regularly and since I need to get more flexible I just did this one (the first 20 min only as I am far from doing the splits) and it actually removed the tight spot I had in my lower back for the past week! I will do this one regularly and hope to get to the splits this year! thanks again and I hope you keep on doing these great videos!

Kassandra Nelson

I just want to say thanks so much! Your video was the only one I could watch without getting extremely frustrated that I still cant do my splits. I actually did my left split tonight, and it is because your videos are so relaxing, it is so much easier to surrender and relax into the stretch without needing a specific outcome. So thanks so much for helping me realize I just needed to go deeper. 💖


niee butt

Martha B. Gallegos

I watched first and I could follow almost the whole routine but the skipping was challenging. I will try again tomorrow. Thank you! I do your relaxation sequence every night and it helps me sleep! I must say I’m a fan!

Victoria Ressler

I really like her outfit!


i love your video you has such a very positif energie 💙


It's now two days on my exercise but i have started feeling a bit better. 👏👏

Michele Starks

Jen, you are the best! Your voice, your energy, and your insight are appreciated.

Dana Mclemore

***Excellent idea >>>>>>> You and Donni from Psychetruth to a split vieo!!!! That would rock!

Dana Mclemore

Girl, keep them coming!!!

Julie Louise

Wonderful!! MANY stretching videos online spend small amounts of time in each stretch…right as the body is getting adjusted and loosening up they jump to the next position. Perfectly paced. Thank you!

Yovonda Thomas

wow this helped me a lot. going to do this one everyday

Yamkee Diosha

Thank you so much., m


Thank you friend it was very useful

Miruna Patrascu

I DID IT !!!! … but wait….


Neli Vazquez

Jen, I love your videos and vibe! I am hoping to practice yoga regularly but have always had extremely tight hips which can make most poses uncomfortable so I've been using your videos to help remedy that. I love the way you ease us carefully into every stretch on this video and your center splits video!! It's so important and I always feel like my body is safe when practicing your exercises.Unfortunately, even with the beginner warm-ups, I feel super tight in my hips like they need to pop. For example, both the warm-up lunge stretch here and even the… Read more »


I'm in cheer and I just started and we have to

Amelia Winters

Im a pole dancer and there are so many tricks/moves that require splits. This video helps me progress with my lines!


Jen is my favorite with the most relaxing voice 😊

123slime 20 slimes

I need held doing a cartwheel

Ana Cerda

I love this video keep making more

nyasha muusha

I finally got my splits .I just had to thank you for this lovely video and how you talk viewers through the whole process.Super cool


I love this video and the stretches. I didn't even know I would get so close to the floor while trying to do a split during this LOL. I plan to do this every day, I think I'll be able to do one very soon. Wow.

Lillie Kennedy

I'm going to do this for a month! I'll update you guys!!!


Yr just amazing. Finally a yoga teacher that has the flexibility of a martial artist. Love it.

Marvin Edie

im in cheerleading

Alexa Arias

thank you so much! this video helped me so much .. I was 6 inches away from my splits and now I'm .. like 2 inches away 🙂 I'm gonna keep stretching everyday to get my full split

Mario G

Hi Jen. Love your videos. I participate in Taekwondo and would appreciate any tips on helping with getting my kicks higher..

Arial J

Woah. I felt so relax I literally felt the tension leave my legs and the breathing helped so much

Kris Cole

I pole dance I'm trying to learn how to do side splits!

kayla Youtube

I can't do the splits tried so many videos plz help me not this Vedic helped video annoying

It is helphul 5 me!

i breathe musicals

I need all splits flat by December… Oh God

Consuela Allen

This is my girl thank you Jen for all that you do sweetheart I appreciate your videos so much

Justin Morgan

Thank you for a great video!

kandi mcneal

is  it suppose to hurt when your doing the stretches  because I always give up

Yanelis Corales

i'm short and its kind of tricky, but i hope i get it right …

Prabal Manandhar

Thank You!! so much. Jen


i haven't seriously danced for like five years since i left high school though, when i felt like i was feeling heavy and out of shape, i would just learn some sexy choreography from some popular dance channels on youtube. but it was nothing structured like my drill team days. i've been avoiding visiting, being that i was second captin in charge and now i can barely do my splits lol. it would be a bit embarrassing if i was asked to lead the warm up as a sspecial guest (she does that sometimes)lol. i did this stretch routine last… Read more »

Brooklyn Jackson

This was an awesome stretch. Thank you!