Cómo escribir historias de ficción: Escritura creativa Consejos para la lección 1: George Wier

En esta serie de videos, el autor de ficción George Weir da conferencias y le brinda información sobre cómo ser escritor. Esto incluye ideas, impuestos especiales y técnicas para mejorar su capacidad de escritura para cuentos cortos o novelas, incluidos los comentarios sobre la escritura en general, la devolución de personajes y la trama.

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Este video fue producido por Psychetruth

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Kelvin Givens

Ok this was straight bare bones advice

Lovey Banh

Lovey banh. I need help published seven books on Warren BUFFETT please call me 909 402 8400 or text me 24.7 or office 310 346 9164

Saima Kanwal

can make a video about fiction steps

Myla Gonzales

I have no idea what you said

Debbie Wilson

U struggled too

Daniel Waterman

Thank you for this video, there were some really good tips in it! I thought every Oxford student would have access to it? I'm really interested, so hopefully you don't mind me asking. Check https://customwriting.com to learn more information about this.

Last year I wrote 3 stories all of them were fiction. And I did really good at it! And I had a Lot of fun with it!!! And iam planning to write my own stories. Thank you so much for these tips!

I was way too harsh on myself and making mistakes, getting annoyed. I decide now to write short stories and practice everyday instead of writing a really professional story for 24 hours that'll get really famous when discovered. Hopefully this will work. 😭😭😭😭😭..

Isabella Grace

i am 12 years old i stared writing my novel at this age

Alexs Mercer22

I'm created 3 stories I shared them with my teachers and they loved them but I want reach my stories to public how do I

Victoria Blackwell

Thank you for your thoughts and ideas on writing. I found this video to be very encouraging.


I really want to write stories. I come up with creative idea's all the time and when I do I feel the need to write them down. I've had several people tell me I should put them into a story and I want to. I think about this all the time when I write down my idea's, that it would make a great story. The problem is, I don't know how to put my idea's into an actual story. I don't know where to begin and it is frustrating. It feels like all these creative idea's are just going to… Read more »

Big Tricky

I actuly have to pause your face and look comments.

Big Tricky

you failed to tell all this as a story, you fail.

people who are good story orators are generally a different people type then people who are good story writers.

Pavan Lb

i write a story and i want to make cartoon series than what i do ? tell me please .. and how much salary they give?

mydogisbarking 10

my problem is that i can't be creative! i can't come up with my own world! i have goodISH ideas but they're all in the regular world we live in 😞

Abi Ludwig

I love how there's no spelling errors or grammar errors XD

Dick Van Dyke

im only 4 years old and ive wrote 69 books

Adriel Ting

I may have a little exaggeration when coming to my age. I am a 12 year old girl and I had been exposed to writing stories and novels when I was 10. When that happened, my interests deepened more than the person who had first opened my eyes to the world of words and imagination. But no one really quite knows that I write at all, so I have a lack of encouragement from anyone and sometimes it keeps me in a downward turn of things, making it almost impossible to continue on. It's kind of harsh.

Paola Hernandez

im 15 years old do you think is to late to be a good writer (it was me using my cusins account)

Puzzle Piece girl

I have wrote a story, 30 chapters and over 200 pages. The story took two and a half years to create, edit and reread. I had it all in the USB stick and someone had taking it, ever since then I haven't been motivated or can concentrate as well as I use to when creating a story.

Kevin Gnerab

This was great! Before I found this video, I was kinda stuck on this story I wanted to make, but didn`t know what to do, but thankfully, I came across this, thank`s!
P.S. I`m also at my third book…Well, at least, that's what I call them


I have a huge imagination. I always come up with ideas. I love fiction, scifi, etc like Doctor Who. I want to write my own story. But I'm afraid I'll get people hating it but I guess you'll always get critics. I like to worry allot sometimes and give up. 🙁 I've wrote several short horror stories and shared it with my friends and family. And I've been told I should write a book. I write good horror stories sometimes when I'm in the mood and my family/relatives seem to love them. I get compliments by friends saying I think… Read more »

Paul von Tarsus

I have been writing nearly only poetry so far, but I'm interested in writing some short stories. I feel I don't really have such a good storytelling skill level, because I feel more poetic about how I write, even when it's not poetry. But there are different types of short stories, so perhaps I could write a more meditative or philosophical story. Any thoughts?

Canal Pra Geral

"It all boils down int he one thing and that is called BAC , butt and chair"


Awesome video. Inspirational. Thank you for your thoughts on writing. Great fiction comes from the most creative story tellers; may all of your endeavors bring you success. 🙂

Bimali Abeywickrama



I'm ten and in fourth grade and we are doing a really big writing project of a fictional narrative and we have to read it to the whole school and the Library is supporting it and PUBLISHING it making I a real story and making a 3D FIGURE of it IM SOOO SCARED I CAN BARLY READ IN FRONT OF MY FRIENDS AND FAMILY!!!!!!!!!!!!!😫😫😱😱😱😱😱😱

This is how my students learn to write a story in three easy steps. There are clear and concise hints to boost your writing skils. Hope you find it useful !!


Hey i want to be a screenwriter, normally I think of wonderous stories i would like to pursue, normally like 2-3 a day, i think of a different adventure to be told, its how i fall asleep. BUT, i dont know where to start, i'm not very good at writing, and i have a tough time writing when i only see words, i like to see something in front of my face, like an animation, if i'm thinkings of a character i would love to have it show up on the screen, any ideas to move around that, I'm looking… Read more »

I like writing story's, but I procrastinate too much :/

Dave B

This is gonna be the video that gives me the advice I need to write my first fiction book. Thank you George Wier for this help.

Salem Martell

I have always enjoyed writing and I can't see myself doing anything else for a career.I just want to create and write.

Rebecca Tadlock

I am these peoples sun I am 8 years old and I am in grade 3 and my mom made me write a story so I looked up to you and I thought you gave out good tips and I hope you give out more tips on things and I think you make the best videos I gave you your 2134th like I know that you will continue to inspire me like you always did you are the best keep writing you are the best writer

Cynthia Hamil

Great information – good presentation style! Thanks for creating this – I appreciate your advice!