Cómo dar masaje de cabeza, cuello y cara | Relajación, dolores de cabeza y alivio del dolor de cuello Jen Hilman Austin
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#Terapia de Masajes



Cómo dar cabeza, cuello y #FaceMassage | Relajación, dolores de cabeza y alivio del dolor de cuello Jen Hilman Austin

Este es un video de seguimiento para mostrarle cómo dar un excelente masaje de cuello, cabeza y cuero cabelludo. Probablemente haya oído hablar de muchos tipos diferentes de masajes, como el masaje japonés, el masaje Yoni, el masaje #ThaiMassage, el masaje sueco, el masaje tantra, etc.

Acerca de Jen: "Me especializo en el toque terapéutico y he encontrado mi pasión en las artes curativas. Combinando técnicas para el masaje con la fisicalidad del yoga y la relajación profunda de la meditación y el trabajo de respiración, guío a mis clientes en un viaje de auto-despertar y auto-despertar curación."

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Terry White
3 months ago

I find the skin grafitti a complete distraction.

heartbeat lover52
3 months ago

nice visible neck pulse

Loriely Valenzuela
3 months ago


3 months ago

Ms. Hilman seems to always have the best hair styles

Shel Nunya AT
3 months ago

Smart to include nutrition as part of the care/prevention

Clarisa S
3 months ago

Well this is a helpful video, thanks. It can be a great compliment to Jevie Hindlerg's recommendations (google her). You can have him feel pleasures he's never experienced, and it works every time.

Travis Robertson
3 months ago

Massage me 👱🏻Travis

Liam Fitcat
3 months ago

Very Nice massage

Barbara Enriquez
3 months ago


Steve Gee
3 months ago

I would like to see this particular head massage on a massage table as I prefer for my clients. The reason is because I would like to see your body mechanics in this configuration. Thank you.

chand somanah
3 months ago

Hi Jen.Its amazing techniques. vrry new to me .i lived ut n enjoyed watching it. ty.

Raj kumar
3 months ago

Hi Jen Thank you very much for sharing these massage techniques which will helpful when we do the treatment.

3 months ago

Jen, darling, I find you very attractive

Josh Beers
3 months ago

love your videos!!

Lisa Clark
3 months ago

I really appreciate your sharing these stretching and massage videos!! as a busy pharmacy student I find a lot of tension getting built up so this is great release. Thank you Jen!

moonrocks woman
3 months ago

love your massages watched a few now of them very informative and learn so much from u college was ok but only basics really. what u incorporateinto  ur own makes u a good massage therapist i think and ures are awesome 🙂 xxx

Alexandra Harvey
3 months ago

Jen. My boyfriend gets migraines a lot. He is on medication for them. The meds don't always work. I have started looking into ways to help relieve his pain. Is there anything I should know or be cautious of while giving him a massage like the one shown above while he has a migraine. And are these techniques a good way of preventing them?

Michell du Preez
3 months ago

Love this. She is so gentle.

3 months ago

Very calming and informative. Always love listening to Jen.

Maira Gonzalez Rivera
3 months ago

Thanks for making this video my daughter did It on me …it was nice and relaxing…

3 months ago

"How To Give A Head" was the only part of the title I read.

Ryan Tillman
3 months ago

How ya doin' 8:57

Irene Trinidad
3 months ago

Thank you so much for sharing  your experience and knowledge about relaxing and techniques…

3 months ago

I think I'll learn this for my hubby!

Alex G
3 months ago

I'm almost very tempted to go to texas just for your massage. 

3 months ago

hope i can apply this massage to my partner soon..thanks a lot..excellent :))

Maile Ogata
3 months ago


Phuong Ngo
3 months ago

love it .love them all thank you Jen Hillman

3 months ago

I'm so glad I found your videos! I have been doing a lot of pilates workouts for the couple of months and today I woke up with really bad neck and shoulder tension headache that I haven't had for a long time.. Now, I have done three of your videos already and noticed that my muscles are really tense also on my back.. I will definitely be doing your videos a lot after this to make my muscles flexible and to avoid the headache. Thank you so much! Greetings from Finland 🙂

3 months ago

Thank you Jen…Your techniques are really helpful and relaxing

3 months ago

Looks like Hayden Panettiere getting a rubdown.  Nice.  Little spinner.

3 months ago

I wish you can massage my head because I have a really bad headache and can't sleep

eric mendez
3 months ago

love u!!

Heather Starr
3 months ago

This was awesome! I learned these techniques along time ago! Thank you for the refresher, so nice to have your soothing voice and great video slowing teaching us.

Meg Zurell
3 months ago

As an LMT, this was completely lovely, thank you.

Clestine Kleidun
3 months ago

Please stop being homophobic. You might want to pick up a book on manners while you are at it, too. I personally recommend "How Rude!: The Teenagers Guide To Good Manners."

Jessy Boy
3 months ago

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Els Lcs
3 months ago

What a relaxing experience just to watch you massage the person! You are very clear in your explanation. It will help me with my migraines. Do you have self massage techniques that i could use when i have a migraine at work? Thank you, emi from france

sarah high
3 months ago

You are my absolute favorite massage therapist, so pleasant in every way.

Dr Mani
3 months ago

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3 months ago

How to give head.

3 months ago

Youre awesome!
Im just starting Massage Therapy school, and handling the head is definitely something I need to get a lot more comfortable at.
Thanks for this, love it!

Tom H
3 months ago

Hm she is nice;)

3 months ago

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