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¡Adiós, adiós, grasa del vientre! 20 minutos de clase de yoga con Jess | Ejercicios básicos y abdominales para principiantes en casa

¡Únete a Jess para quemar grasa abdominal y tonificar el núcleo, los oblicuos y los abdominales inferiores en solo 20 minutos!

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Dennis Wood

I hear many people keep on speaking about Custokebon Secrets. But I'm uncertain if it's good. Have you ever tried using this popular lose weight diet plan?

sassy_ posh_

that last drill was awesome! I really felt the activation of my lower abdominals. something that I have been waiting for since I had my second child 3 years ago!!

its me

Wow 😀amazing yoga
Thank-you for sharing

Yo Yogita Singh

All your work is so excellent for Yoga Lovers ..who knows no boundary of countries.. thanks for this

Thanya Kanya

Omg i can't do this

isabella schriner

my bod has never shook so hard in a workout before bruh looked like i was having an exorcism lmfao


Deff not begginner

Uzo Idenyi

Too tough

samik mandal

At 2x speed this is my turn on video

This workout made me crave chicken noodle soup for some reason XD

Miguel S

haha literally hard core. I'm gonna need to practice more to be able to follow the rithm

Dancing Squid

You can see me dying while sweating after this video. But it's great, I love it. Definitely, this workout goes to my top yoga abs workout on youtube. Thanks.

Nora Brown

WARNING: this is not for beginners. Proceed with caution. 😅 You’ve been warned!!!

Radha talks

I can't try it's hard becaus iam beginner🙃

Gaurav Bhattacharya

Please mention the asanas,it's easy to remember that way.

Life Adventure

As beginner I can't really focus on stretches…. lol.

manju vishnoi

Start today…..awesome

Heather Alisa

Have been practicing yoga for about 3 weeks now and it was all beginner stuff and so I wanted to try something different and I clicked on this video and it just showed me how much I have to work on but I did manage to complete it with some pause but other than that I think I did pretty ok for it being so hard

Marcey McKinstry

I am a beginner. 46 years old, recovering from a broken leg that laid me up for 2 years. Morbidly obese, type 2 diabetic… I just completed Jess’s 30 day challenge. It was a tremendous experience going from day one barely able to do anything right and zero balance to day 30 able to stand on one leg balanced for 30 seconds. Sounds small but for me – a triumph. 30 days ago I couldn’t balance on one leg even for a second. Try the work out. So what if you’re sloppy at first or can only hold positions for… Read more »

Elizabeth Cejas

Me encantó!!!

jena witmor

I did it Jess at last i lifted my feet on the blocks …. thanx

Amro Hesham

U are amazing and lovely

negar ar

Hi JESS. for cheast reduction do some yoga practice as soon as possible pls.

Ale buller

This is definitely not for beginners …

Alexis Kraus

There's no way this is a beginners workout! I feel like you just put that in the title to get more clicks.

Brenna Lopez

This is not for beginners…..

Saloni Kumar

Best video.

Маргарита S

Maybe it`s a good one, but for me it`s so difficult. I thought my arms and shoulders would die after practiсe))

sarah sarah

When we do yoga can we lose weight and get a beautiful body ?????with out doing exercise or any sport