Bienvenido de nuevo, chicas! Ojalá pudiéramos comer todas las galletas y pasteles del mundo y no ver ningún cambio negativo en nuestro cuerpo, pero desafortunadamente, no podemos. Solo recuerda, se trata de equilibrio.

Si desea AJUSTARSE para los rayos de verano, es vital que controle su nutrición. Sé creativo y no te prives.

¡Espero que disfrutes! Dale "me gusta" a este video 👍
si te gusta 💜 Xo

¡Sígueme en Instagram para obtener más consejos y trucos sobre el estado físico!

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Mateusz Sid

Anybody tested out the Custokebon Secrets (do a google search)? We have heard many amazing things about this popular weight loss system.

Leslie Cantrell

How effective is Fenoboci Diet Plan? We have noticed many awesome things about this popular weight loss diet plan.

Danielle Winks

Omg! It’s a baby whit!

Leesa Harris

Do you recommend carb cycling for fat loss? I just started working out and your gym videos have been so helpful and I am slowly building my gym confidence. Now it’s time to learn to meal prep! You are absolutely beautiful and so funny! I’m so glad I found your channel.💪🧠😌

You look gorgeous with that makeup.

Olivia's Opulence

Ugh these are my favorite videos please make more!! You are one of my fav you tubers!!

mag. ali

She looks a bit like superwoman

Sarah Tabor

how many calories are the fajita without the shell?


I thought it was gonna be the obese woman from TLC …


Fitnespal doesnt work anymore

Laura Lombana

You are amazing & sooo helpful

Chanel Fields

What is your weight loss recommendation for food intake? I am currently 215lbs 6feet tall. I wanna get down to 170. Not sure how much protein, carbs etc.

sharla stock

why do you only make four meals if you work all week ? also what's a good waffle alternative for people in canada who don't have kodiak cakes !

Laura Solomon

what are your thoughts on homemade bulletproof coffee? I have been making it everyday but it uses up a large portion of my fat % for the day!

Joan Weber

your channel saves my life! subscribed 🔥


You've saved my life when it comes to meal prep!! Crock pot meals are life savers!!! Also, have you ever tried Ideal Fit protein? If so, what are your thoughts?

Kalen Berger

I love watching your videos! They inspire to me to be super healthy!❤️

Peter Peter

Following this diet is so simple and I am so pleased I have arrived onto it. I am so anxious to continue this journey and to lose another 7 pounds. Check out “sowo amazing plan” on google.

Peter Peter

My good friend had lost an crazy amount of weight so obviously I was curious. That they suggested that I google “sowo amazing plan”. Once I listened to their suggestions, I lost 10 and a half lbs.

Sharon Alicea

I'm almost 50 and overweight. Plus work graveyard shift. Any hope? I barely eat, my stomach can't handle eating during night time while at work.

whitney estes

what do you eat during vacation?? me and my family travel a lot

whitney estes

thank you so much for sharing 🙂 🙂

Katie Dee


Teresa McComish

when you're counting macros, how do you know how many fat, protein and carbs you should be eating??

brittany b

Just watched your videos for the first time today!! New subscriber, love them!! You're answering all my questions. Love the easy meal prep videos.

Laura Dentz

What about DRANK? I tend to drink a lot of beer in the summer which is not good for my weight as I've noticed. How much beer/wine is okay during dieting?

Samantha Ratcliffe

Whitney – i LOVE your videos!!You have so much character, personality and energy when you make these that their fun to watch! What i enjoy most is you up-front and honest about what you eat, if you cheat, if you exercise or dont etc… A lot of videos leave all that other stuff out, and it does not really portray a "real persons beginners struggle". So if you have a off day- you say so and i love that! Just a question – For veggies and brown rice for dinner. What amount of brown rice is still okay for my… Read more »

Lidya Elkobi

okay finished seeing all of your vlogs… now what I'm gonna do with my life 😅😀

Natalie Lopez

Hi Whitney!! I hope you read this comment. Just going thru all your videos and found this one helpful. I've been using MY FITNESS PAL for a while now but never knew what to set my macros to, so as of yesterday, I set mine like yours…BUT how many calories do you have yours set to? Your calorie intake auto adjusts your grams for protein, carbs, and fat.

Jacqueline Snijders

Love my fitnesspal

Alicia Nicole

I just found your videos about a hour ago and I LOVE every single one! 🙂 You are so motivating!

Tylah Allen

I get a it worried about meal prep, I don't like the thought of rice growing bacteria after 2 days and scared of eating chicken after a couple days too. But I suppose everyone else does it and they are alive. I just thought rice was the worst for growing bacteria

Jennifer Davis

omg!! I just have to say you are so adorable and fun to watch!! I am just starting my fitness journey and happened to come across your videos and I CANNOT stop watching them! I know your probably bombarded with messages but how do you calculate how many ounces to eat of everything?? I have done the body building diet (which don't get me wrong) it works to lose weight but for me it's not a lifestyle.. I love a variety of foods!! and that diet is pretty straight forward… I'm sure I can say this for a lot of… Read more »

Lia Le

I'm so happy I found your channel!!!!


One minuto. lol I like this girl. Subscribed.

Sophie Kelly

Please can you do a video on at home workouts for people who can't get to the gym?i love your channel💗

Juan Montoya

makeup tutorial 🙂

Pamela Michelle

Great videos!!!

Dana Leon Driscoll

do you have a specific drink you order from starbucks? thats not filled with calories??

Jazmin Ramos

Where do you buy the pack of power crunch bars? I can't find a store that sells the mint flavored ones 🙁

S Chong

LOVE your videos! You keep them super interesting and you have a cute sense of humor that keeps it interesting! Keep up the great work!

Laura Mai-Lan

Which camera do you use for videos?

Kyra Pennington

your outfits are always so on point! love your channel 💜😊

Kaitlynn Cole

I love you and your videos so much!! They're so helpful and motivating!


we need a video about calories and calorie intake pleease! 🙂
btw, isnt 40% protein a lot? im trying to figure these things out